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    Reworked Divine Insight

    Holy: When you cast Greater Heal, there is a 40% chance your next Prayer of Mending, will not trigger its cooldown, and will jump to each target instantly.

    So it essentially becomes another circle of healing?

    Because in its current form, prayer of mending bounces on damage, and each priest is only allowed one up at a time. So unless it becomes a smart heal and just bounces on its own with out damage, this is an extremely situational and possibly bad talent. At least for PvE I haven't given much though to PvP.


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    Pretty crazy for PvP. Could come in handy for RBGs.

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    Id say more like Chain Heal than PoM.

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    You cast Greater Heal. Surprise, Divine Insight is giving you a sexy buff.
    You cast Prayer of Mending(5 charges) on baddietwo. Baddietwo does not get 5 charges of Prayer of Mending, he only gets a single charge cast on him, but four other people in the group get a single charge cast on them simultaneously.

    Through this, it is able to bypass the "You can only have one" idea, because any casting you do will overwrite the one you put out (on Baddietwo), but not the ones the game put out for you (duplicate spells). It will still require damage for each heal to go off, but they do so individually. Depending on the fight, this could be ridiculously good. I'd also put much more weight on it in 10 man, where you're doing more direct healing (Heal, Flash Heal, Greater) than you are in 25s.

    BGs this could be freaking fantastic.
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    Isn't that just the same as Cascade?

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