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    Glyph Change & new ones now available

    I just checked out the big Tauren inside Temple of the Jade Serpent and I was able to buy the glyph's that were missing untill recently.

    Also I noticed a new Prime Glyph for Shadow that lets you cast Renew and Flash Heal whilst in Shadowform (maybe also something new for the other specs? I don't know)

    Not 100% sure if this is really new but I thought it's worth mentioning.

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    The Dark Mending Glyph is new, the others have been in the glyphtap for a while..

    - MF glyph is pretty much useless, since you'll rarely finish a full MF cast due to it's mechanic
    - The VE glyph Buffs the spell quite a bit (100% for 10 sec vs. 50% for 15 sec)
    - Dark Mending Glyph is nice while leveling.

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