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    Warcraft Lore (Timeline)

    around -147,000...
    The Titans... a mysterious race come to Azeroth to help re-shape the world. Putting the Dwarves in charge of maintaining the Earth and the Sea giants for the Sea. At that time Azeroth is one big continent known as Kalimdor.

    around -64,000...
    The Titans empowered the dragons to watch over and protect Azeroth from any threat. The Titans depart.

    around -14,000
    A nomadic humanoid race known as the Kaldorei is drawn to the Well of Eternity. The Well empowers them making them strong and wise. Accidentally the Well releases magic into Azeroth. The Kaldorei start learning Arcane magic and build cities. The higher rank of the Kaldorei called themselves the Highborne and revel in the use of magic.

    around -10,000
    The Highborne attract the Burning Legion, magic consuming demons from a different dimension. Even though they cannot enter physical into Azeroth, their leader Sargeras starts to manipulate with the Kaldorei nobles. The Highborne create a path that stretches from Azeroth to their dimension allowing transfer from both worlds. The Burning Legion arrive at Azeroth. Sargeras in charge with two powerful lieutenants known as Archimonde and Mannoroth. Three Kaldorei warriors (Illidan Stormrage, Malfurion and Tyrande Whisperwind) request help from Cenarius. Cenarius calls the dragons to help defend Azeroth. The path between both words is destroyed and the Burning legion is thrown back into their dimension. The sea covers the void around the Well. The place where the Well of Eternity once stood is now known as The Maelstrom. Kalimdor is slip into 3 continents today known as: Northrend, Kalimdor and The Eastern Kingdoms. But Illidan stole a vial of water from the well and creates a new one. When Malfurion finds out he throws Illidan into prison. The three most of powerful dragons known as Alexstrasza, Ysera and Nozdormu create a world tree to cover the new Well. The Highborne are now known as the High elves (A.K.A Blood elves).

    The Sunwell is created by the High elves.

    around -2,000
    The human tribe rises, often raided by forest trolls. The High elves experience the same problem and the humans with the High elves combine. The humans are taught the ways of arcane magic. The Guardians of Tirisfal are created contained the races of humans and high elves to conceal the existence of the Burning Legion.

    around -1,000
    The leader of the Guardins of Tirisfal, Aegwynn, learns of a growing demon presence on the continent of Northrend. Aegwynn finds the demon and defeats him. Sargeras ambushes Aegwynn. Aegwynn slays his physical form but his spirit escapes the body of Aegwynn. Sargeras is sealed in a tomb beneath the Great Sea. Sargeras' second-in-command, Kil'jaeden, discovers the world of Draenor. (A.K.A Outland.) It is the home of Orcs and Draenei. Kil'jaedan contacts one of the most powerful orcs, Ner,zhul. Secretly violence is spread through the orc race. Ner'zhul realises that Kil'jaeden is a threat so the demon contancts Gul'dan. Gul'dan and many orc shamans create the shadow council.

    before 0
    Gul'dan (taught by Kil'jaedan) teaches the demon magic to the orcs turning shamans into warlocks trained in necromancy. Aegwynn's sonm Medivh turns 14 and Sargeras' spirit enters his body and Medivh binds to his will. The violent orcs attack the Draenei easily defeating them and conquering all of Draenor. Then chaos erupts in the orc race having civil wars. Medivh creates a small path from Draenor to Azeroth, the rift is too small but grows. Once it is big enough the orcs enter Azeroth engraged bersked. They are defeated and outnumbered by the humans.

    after 0
    Gul'dan opens the Dark Portal and making unlimited amounts of orcs to pass and now the first war begins. Expecting to win the orcs assualt Stormwind but fail once again and the humans celebrate their victory. Gul'dan Manipulates the chieftan Blackhand the Destroyer to organize a new assault on Azeroth. Durton, leader of the frostwolf is slain by assasins but his son is left alive. Later given the name Thrall. Lord Anduin Lothar finds out about Medivhs betrayal and kills him in his tower and destroyes the spirit of Sargeras but the spirit of Medivh escapes. Later Blackhand is betrayed and killed by Orgrim Doohammer and replaces him. Stormwind falls and horde take it over. Orgrim finds Gul'dan. Gul'dan begs for mercy and Orgim accepts. First war ends. Gul'dan uses his powers to raise an unholy legion of Stormwind's fallen soldiers now known as Death Knights. Uther the Lightbringer makes makes the Knights of the Silver Hand as a last defense against the horde. Second war begings. Horde comes to Lordaeron meanwhile the humans take Stormwind back. Gul'dan, with a few demons, agrees to find Sargeras' tomb. Deathwing takes the form of Lord Prestor and lives in Stormwind. Ner'zhul makes portals to Draenor, with each portal making earthquakes which tear Draenor apart creating what is known today as Outland. Kil'jaedan captures Ner'zhul trying to flee and transforms him into the lich king concealing him in a block of ice. Kirin Tor with the dragons manage to defeat Deathwing and force him to flee to deepholm. Thrall becomes a strong warrior. Thrall finds Grom Hellscream, one of the last surivors of the warsong clan. Thrall defeats a disguised Orgrim Doomhammer and gains his reputation. Orgrim is slain in battle and Thrall becomes new leader of the horde.

    after 20
    Prince Arthas fears the spread of the scourge will tear the alliance apart so he attempts to slay the lich king but loses his soul to the sword known as Frostmourne. The lich king makes Arthas a undead death knight and then Arthas kills King Teranas his father. Third War begins. Arthas invades Quel'thalas and fights Sylvanas, she fails to defend silvermoon and then Arthas resurrects Kel'Thuzad using the Grand elven Sunwell. Jaina and the horde compete to sail to find Medivh the oracle corpse. The horde rescues the trolls from a sinking island, trolls join the horde. Both Jaina and the horde reach the oracle who turns out to be Medivh. Medivh warns them both with the return of the burning legion. The burning legion arrives in ashenvale seeking the world tree. Illidan is freed from his prison to aid them and consumes the skul of Gul'dan to empower himself. Thralls orcs and Jaina join the night elves to defend mount hyjal from Archimonde and Archimonde is banished before he destroys the world tree. Third war ends. Thrall leads the orcs to make a new home land in durotar and build Orgrimmar. Illidan awakens the naga and find the eye of Sargeras and become powerful even more. Night elves ambush Illidan, Illidan flees to outland. Illidan returns from outland fighting Arthas who is trying to reach icecrown. Illidan is beated. Arthas is the lich king.

    World of Warcraft

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    Wrong forum.

    And I don't see the point to this thread. Is there something to discuss here?
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    Error filled timeline. For example, you state that WoW starts in "year 25", 5 years after TFT.... Might want to watch the Vanilla intro which starts with the sentence "FOUR years have passed..." Now that's 4 years after the Battle at Mount Hyjal.... So yeah.

    Also your "around -1000" skips to "0"... Some of the stuff like the Orcs drinking Mannoroths blood, yeah that's really not that long ago.

    Oh and the Kaldorei weren't drawn to the Well of Eternity, a band of Dark Trolls were. They drank it and POOF Night Elves were all over the place.

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    Starts off wrong by calling Earthen Dwarves. Stopped reading there.

    Alsow what Vizzle said. What are you asking/stating?
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    I've seen similar numbers on wowpedia, but I wouldn't mind sources for the really early stuff, the arrival of the Titans and the creation of the dragon aspects.

    The oldest event that I know is confirmed is the war between the empires of the trolls and the Azj'Aqir kingdom, which was roughly 16,000 years before the present age.

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