Hey there,

I thought I made a thread in which you could post your newest experiences and feelings towards the latest build beta retribution paladin (unless you crash to desktop like every minute and gave up trying (thanks #132) -_-).

Currently I am lvl 86 and specced like this: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/mis...ulator#b!22022. (be aware that the talent calc has not yet been updated).

First thing I noticed is that HoW still grants Holy Power. On the MMO frontpage the leaked information said that it would not be the case anymore. On top of that it feels like Word of Glory has gotten a lot weaker. Before the patch I had non crit heals in the range of ~32k and now I only heal for 20-21k. Not sure what might have caused this heavy drop. I have like 6k strength and 12k ap. So my spellpower should not have changed compared to the previous build.

Second thing I noticed is that every paladin now has aura mastery, making immune to silence for 6 sec and reducing magical dmg taken by 20% on a 2 min cd. This effect also counts for allies. I haven't noticed this spell in the previous patch. So I guess it's new.

Mastery seems to be a lot stonger now, esp. blessing of might. BoM increases my mastery dmg by roughly 15% to altogether 48%. That's pretty big. And considering the fact that HoW proccs mastery as well, mastery might become a more attractive attribute than before.

Oh, and now you can use emancipate quite a lot. You actually have no major mana spells that would be in the way of emancipate. So, all the mana you got can be used on emancipate. The gameplay won't differ from live then, I guess.. A stupid mechanic, but necessary for our mobility since we lack a gap closer so hard.

What I still consider very weak is Sanctified Wrath. Especially because of the 3 min cd compared to no cd (divine purpose, proc luck required) and 2 min (holy avenger, only 15 sec duration now). I am just not sure if using HoW on gcd is a dmg gain during wings.. And thinking about holy avenger and wings together, sanctified wrath won't even be close to that dmg potential, I guess. For pvp, sanctified wrath is probably the worst choice as well. The more frequent acess of the other talents of that tier will surely be superior.

T3 is somewhat an awkward tier. Who, if not only a holy pala, would ever choose eternal flame? Since you need to spend holy power, this talent is just pure bullcrap for prot and ret. And what about sacred shield? That would be the only chance for us to gain a somewhat passive dmg mitigation. But if dispelling stays like it is on beta right now (retardedly op), you simply won't have any use out of that talent in pvp. It's just pointless.
And the last talent of that tier is selfless healer. I have always hated the mechanic behind it when I am actually specced for dps and thus I was happy to not having to choose it, since I don't want to be an emergency healer in pvp... Wrong. It's the only talent I could take out of those three, if I want to be viable for PvP. For PvE Sacred Shield wouldn't be so bad, though.. If it just werent a stupid magic effect.. Every time the same crap with ret pallies and their magic effects... It would be nice to be just as susceptible to dispell like every other class, too. And well.. Selfless Healer. It takes around ~18 seconds to stack (maybe 15 with a lot of haste, these stacks are not dispellable --> only viable talent for pvp from that tier)) in order to get a free and instant fol. This fol heals for ~24k. Not significantly more or less than a 3 hp wog.. It will be a nice asset and you will have to look out for the remaining duration of the stacks (it expires pretty fast), but I simply miss passive dmg mitigation for pvp. We kinda have nothing for that and we prolly eat all the dmg there is.. I don't know if the other dps classes have passive dmg mitigation. I guess so. If they have changed in that regard, please let me know. Right now, we have just nothing that reduces dmg in any passive way. And bubble didn't get any better for ret either. So I think that our survivability while being stunned (or under an effect that makes us lose control of our char) will be just poor.

DKs got a cauterice/cheat death like spell, plus all their strong cooldowns. That just feels weird compared to ret. We can heal ourselves quite frequently, but holy power is still holy power. If we heal us, we lose dmg. Haven't seen a similar mechanic for other classes yet.

That's all I figuered out so far. I suffered from a lot of 132 crashes and gave up logging in now.

What are your experiences?

Ps.: Death's Advance now causes movement-impairing effects to not reduce you below 100% of normal speed, up from 75%. --> This is just retarded. How can Blizzard even dare putting something as op as this for testing in the beta? That's just stupid and must not stay in game. I checked it on my dk and it really says that you are immune to slows (running at 100% speed is no slow, imo.. Old seal of justice never felt like a slow, did it?) with that talent. We have to use hand of freedom for this, which then gets dispelled. And with clemency we can use it again until it gets dispelled again. But then we have clemency on its FIVE min cd.. But we also have emancipate.. Except while the dk is able to do his rotation, we are gcd locked by emancipate -_-... I dunno, it all sounds pretty damn over- and underpowered. In theory at least. Well.. This new Death's Advance definitely IS overpowered, though. I think you could say that. It's still a beta.........