I am looking for a new raid team because the team that I am currently on changed leadership and raid schedule and their schedule no longer works for me.
I have experience with 8/8 Normal mode and I have 2/8 Heroic kill experience with Morchok and Yor'sahj.
I am looking for a raid team that goes Wednesday and Thursday with a weekend clean up day if required.
I am no stranger to progression raiding and I am a mature and dedicated player.
I raid led a 25man raiding team back in Wrath during Naxx.
I come to raid with all necessary flasks, foods, gems and enchants and I am willing to help others by bringing feasts, spare flasks, and engineering toys like mailboxes and repair bots.
If you think I can make a good fit with your team please feel free to contact me directly in game by whisper or mail.