Hey Folks,

today, even if it was just nasty to do it due to "some" crit errors ^^, I wanted to figure out, if Glyph of Illumination could be usefull. So there are some things, which made me wonder.
First of all, I had to determine, what's our base regen (infight), and it seems to be 1500 Mp5 infight at 86, 1250 Mp5 infight at 85, or (thus I assume) 1.25% of Maxmana as base regen.
Holy Insight should give us 50% of our spirit based regen infight, and spirit should give 1 Mp5 (outfight, infight then 0.5) per point. But, it's just not 50%, it's 56.25% off the additional spirit, which is calculated for our infight regen. With JotP we should have 80%, acutally it is 90% (or 0.5625*1.6=0.9 instead of 0.5*1.6=0.8).

And then there is another strange thing. Adding Glyph of Illumination changes the tooltip of Holy Insight from 50% to 30%, although the Glyph says "reduced by 10%" (which either means 40% or 45%, but never 30%), but even with a changed tooltip there is no influence on our regen. It stays the same as before, with or without JotP active.

Has anyone tested before today's patch or could estimate, why our regen ist not at 50%, but higher (same with monk and holypriest)?


P.S.: No matter if 50% or 56.25% the Glyph actually does not seem to be viable, as you will need approx. 45% crit at 4k spirit to cover the spirit based regen.