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    bought, registered days ago, still no acess to client...

    Got the mail from registration, I can login to forums, but don't see anything, just an empty page...
    Anybody in the same situation?

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    You go to the forums and download from the link above. I saved you the trouble and got it for you

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    I just did my pre-purchase yesterday and havent received my email about the beta but I went there and downloaded last night and when I log in it says my account is ready to go, just gotta wait for the beta to start.

    Edit- I did list instructions but looks like the guy above me did all the footwork and provided a link. Removed instructions.

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    Though I can login, I dont see any forums. That link which points to the official place brings up just an empty page to me.

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    Closing this. The link has been provided in this thread and there is now a sticky with a link to the client.

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