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    Deal Breakers

    So what are your top 3 deal breakers when you're getting to know someone romantically?


    1. Illegal drug abuse
    2. Pride in irrationality/stupidity
    3. Fat and proud

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    Gamdwelf the Mage

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    1. Smarter than me. I need to feel superior in every way.
    2. Popularity. Don't talk to me if the entire school doesn't know your name.
    3. Money value. I don't want to date some poor failure.

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    1. stupid
    2. annoying
    3. dislikes seafood

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    1. ugly / unatractive
    2. stupid and takes pride in it
    3. unhealthy habbits (smoking, illegal drug usage, that sorta thing)

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    1. Smoking (it amazes me just how many girls smoke >_<)
    2. Illegal drug usage
    3. Stupid (obviously she doesn't need to be a genius, but there's a difference between ignorance and stupidity)
    I know the list only said 3, but I have a 4th: Kids. I don't want kids, I don't like kids, I don't want to deal with kids.

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    Bad teeth
    Bad breath
    poor sense of humour

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    1. Smoker, I really hate girls that smoke
    2. Fat and proud. I know it's quite shallow, but I just don't like people who are fat and don't try to change something about it.
    3. Stupid, I need to be able to communicate with someone without explaining everything I say.

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    No fatties.
    No smokers.
    No drug addicts.

    To clarify the last one: I think I'd be okay with someone who smoked pot recreationally, so long as they're not a complete stoner.

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    1, submissive
    2, negative
    3, materialistic

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    Scarab Lord
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    - body art (tattoos, piercings and what not)
    - smoking
    - stupidness

    (and gotta add fat even though I'm only supposed to give 3)

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    1. Smoking, either illegal or legal
    2. Excessive pride. I dated someone once that thought they were a princess and should be treated like one. Needless to say, that lasted all of a week.
    3. Contact with harmful elements. What I mean by this is someone that is in a friendship with someone that's abusive or manipulative. I dated someone once that had their ex living with them, stealing from her, selling her stuff, and generally just being a drain on her, but she refused to make him do anything because, "He's fine, he's just that way." Again, that didn't last long because I want someone that's willing to stand up for themselves and not be a doormat.

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    1. Overweight. I love slim girls.
    2. Lacking intelligence. I need a girl I can have a deep conversation with.
    3. Phony. Don't try to be someone you're not, be yourself.

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    It may seem odd to put ugliness and vanity in the same three, somewhat hypocritical but it's not wrong to expect to find someone attractive without too much emphasis on looks.
    One cannot simply quit wow his way into Mordor.

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    Chemistry block.
    - Smoking
    - Not really stupidity but... lack of interest in learning. My ex was not the brightest but she always wanted to learn more but couldn't stick to it when she read it but when I explained it, it all sank in. Obviously there is an intelligence line but to pass that, it won't take too much exactly - just don't appear on the Jeremy Kyle Show.
    - Excessive tattoos and piercings. Whilst a few piercings are ok, some just go too far. Tongue piercings are a massive NO, ears and belly button are fine. Eyebrow piercings make girls look cheap imo, nose and lip make you look like a cow/butch lesbian. A small tattoo on the arm or something is fine but people who get huge ones just look silly.

    Again, limited to 3 but if allowed 4, fat and proud. Slightly large and working on it is cool, or slightly large and leaving it is fine. As soon as you can be classed as fat and then seem happy about it, you deserve to be locked in a room and starved until you're human sized again.
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    Also a vegetable is a person.
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    1. Smoking/drugs/excessive drinking.
    2. Too fat/won't take care of their body.
    3. IQ lower than the average.
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    Fat: I find fat people to be not even a sexual being in my eyes. They evoke pity.
    Unintelligent: My requirements in this field are pretty damn hard to fulfill, luckily my fiance fills them in spades:P
    Average: Fuck being average. Try to excel. I prefer people who fail at excelling rather than settling for average. Why waste your time being average when you've only got one shot at it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH1471 View Post
    Bad teeth
    Bad breath
    poor sense of humour
    And you live in England eh... bad luck :P

    Just kidding

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    1. Too skinny/bony.
    2. The Princess-syndrome, Thetruth1400 was nice enough to explain a few posts above.
    3. No/bad sense of humour.

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    1. A lack of interest in the inspiring and transcendent.
    2. Lack of passion.
    3. Weird piercings.

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