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    400ilvl with 4/8 hm xp Disc Priest LF raiding guild

    Hi, I'm looking for a core raiding spot in a guild that raids at like 7-10ish EST during the week. I am a dedicated player and I know my class, if anyone has any questions, can reply here to me or add me to, characters name is Souper on mannoroth, willing to faction change/server change if its a dedicated group.


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    Hey Sooper, were a 10 man heroic raiding guild that raids 9:30-12:30 EST if that isn't to late for you. Below is a little spam about us.

    Dark Scion is looking for a new healer to help us progress through Heroic DS.

    We raid Tues,Thurs and Sunday @ 9:30-12:30 EST

    We are 5/8 Heroic and making good progress on Heroic Warmaster.

    You can apply online @ www.Darkscion.guildlaunch.com
    Contact me in game via RealID: [email protected]

    Hope to hear from you!

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    thanks for interest zykenwolf, but that is too late for me, I work nights, its fairly hard to find a guild that ends at 10-1030EST, everyone goes later lol

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    still looking, where are all the guilds that raid on the earlier side at!?!

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    Could use another disc priest for madness and beyond!

    <Victory or Whatever> is a 25 man Alliance raiding guild on the Whisperwind server. We are currently 7/8 H. Our raid times are Tu-Thurs 7-10 CST. We are looking for a few select players to improve (not fill) our roster for the remainder of this expansion as well as for MOP.

    We use loot council to distribute loot with the philosophy that no one person comes before the greater good of the raid. Raiding is a team effort and thus the loot does not belong to the individual but to the raid group. Loot is used to upgrade the group as a whole. We do not play favorites.

    On off nights we are still very active. We run firelands to help people finish staffs, we run an alt DS group, we farm old content for mounts/achieves/titles, we level alts, we mess around on beta (have a guild over there too), many of us PvP, etc.

    We are currently recruiting:

    Ele/Resto Shammy
    Tank of any kind
    Arms War
    Shadow Priest
    DPS DK
    Legendary Caster

    *If you do not see your class/spec listed do not be discouraged, as I stated earlier we are looking to improve upon our roster and if you perform well we are interested in talking to you! Please note we are not trying to fill our bench, we are looking for core members who can make a difference.*

    To apply:
    You MUST have a World of Logs parse and a screen shot of your In Combat UI.
    *HEALERS READ* You must provide an additional screen shot of your custom buff/debuff settings of your raid frames and how they show up on your frames as well.

    Fill out an application at http://wwvow.guildlaunch.com/


    Talk to Crimsonlily, Peejay or myself via real id.

    Crimsonlily [email protected] (Guild Master)
    Peejay [email protected] (Raid Leader)
    Blaze [email protected] (Officer) <----- Me

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    8/8 H 25

    Recruiting for Mists and farming out DS!

    We were formed in October of 2010 and have steadily been a top 200ish since our inception starting with a US 208th Light of Dawn.

    We run a light roster (28-30) so being able to maintain 90% attendance rate is paramount to both the guild's and your own success as part of the team. We have very limited spots available as the core of the roster has been growing and has been very steady since the tail end of last tier. We are really looking to make a strong push to crack the top 100 US Madness kills. We are a social guild and most people really do like each other, outside of raid times you can find League of Legends games, Dota2, SC2, BF3, as well as alt stuff, old raids, and pvp stuff so there is something for all. This is not a guild where 90% of the raiders are only online or in mumble for raids, it is a pretty active guild.

    25man Horde progression: 8/8 HM T13
    Sunday-Wednesday 8:30-12:00 EST

    Bless the Martyr in the News

    Contact Information
    GM and Raid Leader: [email protected]
    Pathosis (recruitment lead): [email protected]
    Email (fast communication during the day tied to GM's phone): [email protected]
    Or you can text 773-915-3643

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