We are recruiting ranged dps classes (Mage, Warlock, Ele Shaman, Hunter, Moonkin, Spriest)

Currently clearing normal modes and will mix in heroic modes once we have a dedicated 25. Loot is handled via council until MoP which we will switch to EPGP. The DS burnout has hit a lot of our members but I as well as a good number of our raiders still want to go in and tackle.

I would classify our guild as a casual schedule with hardcore mindset. Many of us have experience with heroic raiding in various expansions.

We invite all interested people regardless of spec but to guarantee a spot please refer to the above.

Above all else we are a social guild that want a place where we can hang out regardless of the game we are playing. Some of us will be playing Diablo in our off time as well as some steam games.

You can find me in game at Petbe or just ask any of our members online to direct you to an officer. I do not check these forums often so please reach out to me in game.