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    A team is usually a lot more effective than 1 person doing everything, although this is from a 25man standpoint. We usually have the maintank call the boss cooldowns so that the healers know when a big move is coming so they don't have to watch the timers themselves. We have 1-2 healers that really lead the whole team of 6-8 healers, they make a macro to link a list of cooldowns and when. For instance before blackthorn our main healer will link who is using which cooldowns on which twilight onslaught, and call a reminder of which onslaught it is during the fight. Dps usually don't call anything unless they are soaking, to call for cds etc or I might yell at melee if they have not switched to an add.

    to the OP - if you have been the raidleader I'm guessing it's because you are the most suited to the job and there isn't anyone else to fill the shoes. In this case I would just say continue on, it's most likely just taking a tiny bit to adjust seeing it from a ranged standpoint, but this is a very good vantage spot for raidleading so it will come.
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    I don't "raid lead" but i do make lots of calls. I find overall raid awareness much easier as rdps than in any other role. There are many fewer personal responsibilities, so you should eventually find that making calls is easier. Just gotta get used to your new toon.

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    As many say - it is easier to raid lead as tank, at least when you first start out. When you tank you take aggro an just need to push a button once in awhile to keep that aggro on most bosses. That gives you more time to keep track of boss abilities and get that good overview of the fight.

    Me personally just started raid leading a few months back and have done so on tank, heal and dps. And the easiest is tank if you still want to appear top on your game.
    As of late i only raid lead on my healer, and it took some time to get use to (and finding just the perfect places to put DBM trackers and such) but i have no problem raid leading and still being top on heal meters for most of the fights.

    It all boils down to personal preference. If you dont mind taking a hit to your dps/heals when you start raid leading it will all fall in place eventually.
    But if you want it easy on yourself then tank is the safest way to start.

    And of course if you have a good team with out then it dosnt matter if you miss a call or two, cause they will cover it for you.

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    My raid leader is a hunter and he does a pretty awesome job at leading the raid and being high on the meters. i told him about this thread and he kinda just laughed and said it just as easy leading on his hunter as it was on his tank in wrath.

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