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    [Balance] Optimal Moonkin Tactics for H Warmaster

    So guys, I've just been asked to go moonkin by my guild due to attendance issues. I've got the hang of most of the fights but I am still having trouble putting out my max dmg on H Warmaster. Are tehre are tips and tricks or encounter strats that could help? I have tried to stay solar, I have tried eclipse bar bounce and my dmg is still mediocre.

    HALP. I know I should be rocking this fight.

    here is my armory link.


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    Im topping out at like 30k which is BY FAR the lowest dps i do on any fight.

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    Gear looks great, get your BS gloves socket. Is BW trinket from Spine tries? It's not the best for Warmaster if it's your usual trinket.

    What I(my raid) do: Start right side (with cabin on your back) so you can DoT up Garriona as she flies.Plant mushrooms where your side's drake will land. Usually procs SS which goes to the first drake I see flying. Dot the flying drakes. Proc Solar on the melee adds and use FoN. Double dot everything, use Starfall on cd. Spam Starfire and use SS procs up to 1 cast away from exiting Solar.

    I would use Wrath glyph for this fight as your SS will be limited and Dps matters when boss lands.

    Typhoon the Sapper for daze and extra bit of dmg if you want. You can also probably squeeze more Mushrooms in the fight but I personally don't bother :P

    Double dot Warmaster and Garriona for as long as they are both active. Minimize your movement from Shockwaves etc

    Good Luck

    Edit: I start normal rotation as soon as 3rd wave of dragons land because we nuke fast the one drake, kill melee and then finish off the second one. Gives back mana and refreshes NG for when Garriona arrives
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    so you stay in solar except for SS procs or hard casts?

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    My guild has been farming him for a while now so my strat has gone from less of a max output to more of a "hey that hasnt got a dot on it, put one on it" but I dont dot Garriona at the start so that I can save my trinket proc for drake and adds (yorshaj trink). I keep IS and MF/SF on all adds in reach at all times and just eclipse swap for the fight, I dont bother trying to stay in solar. As Juv mentioned trying to avoid moving in phase2 is helpful, this will depend on how your group stands tho. Our raid splits into 4 groups, tanks infront of boss melee behind but slightly to the side, then 2 ranged groups 1 healer in each off to the most open side of the boss so that at no point does 2 groups get caught in the cone. It is then a rng matter of how much you will need to move but we find this tends to put minimal affect on each dps.

    I generaly pull around 37k+ for the fight, so try to keep dots on everything in reach unless you are 1-2 casts from entering a eclipse then wait and put them up when in eclipse.

    10man strat btw, not sure if you are 10 or 25man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drweird View Post
    so you stay in solar except for SS procs or hard casts?
    Blow all your SS procs up to the last 10-15 energy of Solar. Don't hard cast it as you will get more than enough procs, so you are free to cast Starfire.

    I'm 10man too btw.

    @Blabb : Yeah I missed the fact that i have CotC so I don't worry about trinket cds :P

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