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    [H] <Single Female Tauren> - 10 man Boulderfist - 8/8 HM DS recruiting for MOP

    Single Female Tauren is a 10 man raiding guild on Boulderfist.

    We are recruiting self reliant members for "casual" but quick progression. This guild being based on a tight core of experienced raiders, we plan on pushing through the latest content quickly and efficiency, without making it your second job.

    Our roster is mostly intact, but we are still looking to recruit players with similar skill, focus, time constraints, and personality to join our team. Raid times are 3 nights a week(Tue/Wed/Thurs) for 3 hours starting a 6 PST.

    Class Needs:
    Druid - Boomkin/Resto (High Need)
    Shaman - Resto/Ele (Medium Need)
    Even if your class is not listed please feel free to apply. All exceptional applications will be considered.

    Our Philosophy

    As outlined before, we are a guild looking for people who want to be challenged with difficult content, not with stumbling over players with poor skill and commitment. We believe that Raiding does not have to consume your schedule, but at the same time this does not have to have slow progression.

    We foster an enviroment of equal respect. While our management will have a selected "raid leader", we believe that one is not necessary if all 10 people are capable of working together and being self-reliant. Our position as management is simply to make sure this enviroment is upheld.

    With our many years of experience in raiding guilds we have seen time and time again what happens when someone is given too much unquestioned power and the drama that this can create. This comes back to our idea of a small reliable foundation. We will not be afraid to call out your mistakes, and you should not be afraid to call out ours. Raiders who aren't up to our standards will not find a home in Single Female Tauren for much longer.

    Loot Philosophy

    Our loot distribution is a "Loot Council". Our guild should be in a position where we can collectivley decide who needs what without squabbling, with Officers being the ones making the final call. Loot priorty will be based on the following criteria.

    How much loot you have already recieved
    Best in slot/ how much of an upgrade.
    Senority and Attendance.

    Attendance Philosophy

    This is a guild of friends, and unannounced no-shows are not acceptable. Post on the forums if you are unable to attend a raid as soon as you know this is the case. We understand that people will need to miss raids on occasion, but consistent lack of attedance will lead to replacement for the sake of maintaing progression for the rest of us.

    If Interested please go to singlefemaletauren.guildlaunch.com and post an app or contact Darkfrosty my real id: [email protected]. Thanks
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    Updated recruitment needs. We are still raiding on Tuesdays so if you are looking for a good home for MOP now is the time to apply so we can get you in a trial run.

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