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    Looking at GW2 compared to DAoC

    I'm wondering why no game since DAoC has adopted a personal realm rank system. This would have worked extremely well for WvWvW imo as it gives incremental increases for your character based on it's PvP longevity and gives you a feeling that you are working toward something and allows you to get lots of small perks along the way.

    It seems like everything now is just achievements with no lasting bonuses.

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    I think it goes against Anets philosophy that everyone should be on an even playing field.

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    As grandpab said, everyone is on an even playing field. GW2 is not a game of gear vs gear, or "I've played the game longer than you have."

    If you're a good player, regardless of how long you've played, what level you are, what gear you have, and so on, you should be able to beat a bad player. Always. And before anyone asks what the incentive is, the answer is vanity rewards and fun. If someone doesn't like that, fine. They should play a game that caters to them, not troll this subforum.
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    I'm not trying to troll anything was just a simple question.

    I just thought the RR system was very ingenious and wondered about it.

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    I don't think the ranks for titles would be a bad idea, but I don't think they would ever let you get extra abilities and stats from it.

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    I'm not sure if they have this or not but maybe exclusive WvW armor that looks bad ass could be an incentive. I'd rather have that than a rank. Besides you'r labeled as a generic invader to the other enemies so I would think they wouldn't add ranks like that.
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    I've played DAoC and I think the RR system would be a great addition to GW2, though to the extent where higher RR will make you more powerful but just as a way to show your status in the pvp community.

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    Ranks would just lead to elistism unfortunately.

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    If you're good you'll still beat bad people, you'll still have a cool title/rank/whatever, you'll still have flashy looking gear (equal in power to that obtained elsewhere). GW2 will provide all of this. The whole "I want better stats/abilities" is nonsense. All it would do is give bads an advantage over other bads that have played less. Good players will all already have it anyway and would beat bad people without it. Don't see why anyone would want it except if they were bad and wanted an edge over newer bads.
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