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    Question Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend 27th April - Do i need to pre order?

    Hey all, so today i heard that this weekends GW2 Beta is going to be the last before the game launches.

    Do i need to pre order GW2 From Arena Net to be eligible for the beta this weekend?

    Also, will there be an NDA on this one? I'd really like to get some footage for my channel etc

    Thanks in advance

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    You have to pre-purchase, pay for the game in full.

    If you're in North America the digital copies are sold out though, so you'll need to find a retailer that's on the pre-purchase list.

    There will not be an NDA.

    This is not the last beta before the game launches. We don't know how many there will be.

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    You need to pre-purchase the game from ArenaNet or a select retailer for your country. ArenaNet is no longer selling them, because of server capacity.

    There is no NDA.

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    Alright the website i read must have been mis informed ^^ Thankyou

    However, if ArenaNet is sold out then how do i provide proof of purchase to them to unlock eligibility to the Beta Download? Like with Annual Pass it was linked to your account, is there some sort of online game code given?

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    You're given a code that you register on the Guildwars 2 website.

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    If you buy the game you get a serial code. You just enter that code to get into the beta.

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