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    Best looking warlock race? (for looks)

    The title says it all. I'm making a new warlock but I'm stuck on what race I want to pick.
    Choose for me, my MMO-Champion brothers.

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    Orc Warlocks or Undead Warlocks

    Both are the most iconic imo.

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    Tauren of course. Whenever the engineering thing (can't remember the name) that teleports me to Area 52 fails and turns me into a Tauren I'm the happiest guy in the world for an hour. Warlocks' sets looks awesome on them.
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    Worgen ftw, if Horde, Orcs and Undead are acceptable.

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    Orcs and Undead for sure.

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    Definitely undead or belf.

    Worgen is an acceptable choice if for some reason you play alliance.

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    Undead, i guess. I personally like Goblins as well, as they kinda fit the whole warlock-shady-mischievous theme.

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    orc's are the original warlocks also undead look cool. as for alliance i'll say worgen.

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    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!? Can't you see the truth that is right before your eyes!? It is clearly gnomes for alliance, and only undead for horde.

    Please, worgen? Orcs? Take your silly herecies elsewhere.
    I'm just warning you, you may actually be a walrus.
    AND MY...! oh? we weren't doing... *ahem* Yes. I agree with that plan.

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    dwarf is the worst looking, i'll say undead in the horde and gnomes in the ally

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    Undead Period

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    Forsaken warlocks look the best (in my humble opinion). Unfortunately, the lack of any PVE racial abilities means that I have to stay Orc for the extra 1200 or so dps it provides to my raid.
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    Gona be the hipster here saying Gnome.

    But really go what you want or Orc for DPS increases

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    Changed to worgen and thought i looked like a gimp so went back to human!

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    Undead is the only real choice.

    Unfortunately I had to change to a Worgen when I went to play with my Alliance friends. Those are cool too, except some of the masks look wrong.

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    undead is definitely the best

    and orcs arent far behind

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    Really? Noone said Troll yet?!

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    wasn't there a similar thread I replied to just yesterday?! O_o
    anyways, I'm still for forsaken, followed up by orcs.
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