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    Digital Edition vs Deluxe Digital Edition

    Ok so im buying GW2 Within the next hour (EU so AN still have serials)

    Wondering if Deluxe is really worth the extra £15? :/

    Guild Wars 2 game
    Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill* < Will this be uber advantageous?
    Miniature Rytlock* < Vanity, im not concerned about it all that much
    Golem Banker* < 5 Day limit, seems crap
    Chalice of Glory* < Increased pvp currency draws me for this, however its "one use" and says "Some" so couldnt they rip you off and give you the minimum amount? (1?)
    Tome of Influence* < Slighty tempting for forming a guild

    Anyone got any opinions? I wanna pre purchase before i go to sleep then i can d/l in the library (70mb down) tomorrow.

    Cheers guys

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    The elite skill won't be useable in pvp and it'll probably be more of a flavor thing. It won't be stronger than your profession elites, and you won't be able to use it until 30 which is when you can get your other elites anyway.

    You can always save the $20 and use it later to buy things from the cash shop.

    If later on you decide want the deluxe benefits you will be able to upgrade your standard account to a deluxe.
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    My logic was since the game is b2p instead of subscription based I bought the little extras just to support Anet and assuming those are sold in the cash shop once I have a better idea at how useful they are I may look into getting them in the future.

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    Thanks for the information guys Ill get standard edition for now Hope to see you all on there, now ive gotta decide on a realm... :P

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