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    Having issues with google chrome

    Was just wondering if anyone else is having problems with Google Chrome recently. Mine are as follows,

    Facebook will not load
    Gmail will not load
    No support pages for google chrome will load
    Every other page loads just fine

    Also something I found weird is that all my other browsers (Internet explorer, Safari, and firefox) all crash within moments of opening them..

    Was just wondering if anyone else is having any issues with Chrome or any other browsers.

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    Download rkill and TDSSkiller and malewarebytes anti malware. Boot up in safe mode without network, run rkill, then run TDSSkiller and then clean Malwarebytes. Sounds like a problem I've had a couple of times with roots. Be careful using TDSSkiller however and be sure not to quarantine or delete any System32 files. Cousin did that like an idiot and completely killed his system and had to do a complete system reformat.

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    yikes sounds like a virus or something bad got you.

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    Urgh.. I really hope I didn't pick something up. I am running Spybot SND right now. Seeing if that catches anything. If not I will do the rkill, TDSSkiller and malwarebytes anti malware root. Thank you for your help.

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