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    Nice stone age pvp gear.

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    Still wish they let use just remove the extra Arcane Barrage hit's.

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    Wanna see ugly pvp armor?
    Check every first season set per expansion for just about all classes.

    Then it improves.
    This is tactical :3
    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    Hope they are fixing the blasted memory access general bug with this patch. XX

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    oh shock horror warriors get nerfed, bet there gonna be shit now

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    so long ursol's vortex. I knew ye well.

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    Pvp power for spell penn? How about we get rid of it all together..

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    Warriors are in a state of pandamonium and Blizz feels to nerf them even more.. cool.

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    Does this fix the eu #320 memory error? It's not updating from *40 to this for me!

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    indeed, no patch available for me either. still at 15640 build. you lot sure the patch is out?

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    I just logged into beta and iam still on 16540.

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    Same as most of the Xpacs every class gets changes per update. rogue = "Mind-numbing Poison now has proper casting speed reduction values" Yay sweet jesus... /sarcasim

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    Dat 1handed Axe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kobomino View Post
    Now I need to see this!
    makes it easier to chain now. bad priests can be like good priests

    ---------- Post added 2012-04-27 at 07:17 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Phokas View Post
    Pvp power for spell penn? How about we get rid of it all together..
    then it makes PVE gear appealing.

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    Nasty UV seam on the belt there!;S cool hat tho

    will make for a great hobo set with the tier jetpack shoulders

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    Hhhmmm.. "Gold Ulduar Sword" ? I wonder what they're planning..

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    What's with the boring weapons? The only decent looking one is the 1h axe. Shouldn't finer weapons have some ornaments, have sharp edges and have some nice features? Most of them are clunky, dull, colorless heaps of scrap bound together with rope. These models would suffice for greens, or low level blues, but not epic weapons. I don't mean that every weapon should be like an elegant elven blade, they can be quite boring too. Just take a look at how crude weapons still can look great:

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    Thanks god we can transmog all this ugly items. Since cata all art on items looks reaaaally similar, and are 95% of the time ugly as hell. Was trasmog = less work with the art? omg

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    Arcane finally a had a "little" buff in AoE damage, and they follow it a few patches later by cutting it in half.
    Why am I not surprised? If you're going to make Arcane much more dynamic to play (consequently requiring more skill), at least give us some decent AoE like everyone else.

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    Those are ugly and boring ass items. They don't even fit into the MOP theme. Don't get me started on the Sets! Who in the hell design and approved those??? Worst set Ive seen so far. Take then out.

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