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    Well not every set can be a winner and sadly the Shamans and Rogues have the crap pvp sets atm.

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    Is this update applied now, cause all I see new when I go Lichborne is some smoke? Also, want to see oriental themed armor sets already.

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    The good news is at least they kept using "resilience" rather than something like "PvP defence".
    Quote Originally Posted by Synche View Post
    I disagree, PVP power and PVP resilence is the best change to PVP in a lot time. Currently PVP gear only makes you more... resilient, and the damage reduction severely "nerfs" some classes abilities to do actual good damage (See Warrior).

    Compared to PVE, we gear up to do more and more damage , whereas PVP we gear up to take less and less which is fine, but it takes away from the "fun" of pvp , at least for me, not to say that getting 1-2 shot is fun for anyone, but when you crit for 10k you might as well just tickle someone to death.
    You will notice the problem when you start looking at the healer's PvP gears.
    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    Wanna see ugly pvp armor?
    Check every first season set per expansion for just about all classes.

    Then it improves.
    This is tactical :3
    Next season: Moar horns!
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    Spell steal gives wings and Working As Intended

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    2 handed sword model had some potential. Until they turned it into a pickaxe.

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    Rogue tier looks like a pile of poo! who am I Barney Rubble?

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    Rune Strike on 1.5s cooldown. Why the hell for?

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    Glad to see Shamans are starting to look like Druids now.....

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    When do we get the wow model viewer for this build? I wanna see those sham sets on a pandaren.

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    WARLOCK_DEMO_CORE_ABILITY_4 - Cast when you have nothing else to cast.
    WARRIOR_PROT_CORE_ABILITY_4 - Use when no other ability is available.
    HUNTER_BM_CORE_ABILITY_3 - Use when nothing else is available.
    HUNTER_MM_CORE_ABILITY_4 - Use when nothing else is available.
    HUNTER_SV_CORE_ABILITY_4 - Use when nothing else is available.
    PALADIN_PROT_CORE_ABILITY_5 - Use when no other ability is available.
    PRIEST_SHADOW_CORE_ABILITY_4 - Use when nothing else is available.
    SHAMAN_ELE_CORE_ABILITY_5 - Cast when nothing else is available.

    i know it's code, and if i wanted, i'd pretty much know what spell/ability it's supposed to be , but it's slightly ironic too.

    is this the sign of a poorly designed class or at least an unpopular class, if it has a filler spell like this ?

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    so far, blizzard hasn't disappointed!

    they are right on track for beating their previous record of absolutely horrendous looking garbage gear.

    i think it's safe to assume that all expansions do indeed get worse than the previous. bye wow; twas a great run... that ended at ICC...

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    Glad to see the constant updates for this. I'm curious about a timeline for the release though...the current content has gotten VERY stale.

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