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  • Mewtwo

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  • Mr.Manhattan

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  • Optimus Prime

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  • Goku

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  • Iron Man

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  • Wolverine

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  • The Hulk

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  • Voldemort

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  • Yoda

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  • The Green Lantern

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    Who would win in this epic tournament? (read first; answer poll after)

    So after seeing the Avengers I started thinking who would win if we took some characters from TV-shows, animé, movies and whatnot and put them together. NO AVENGERS SPOILERS IN THE THREAD PLEASE

    Tournament rules:
    -Every contendor has to battle every other contendor, and the one who wins the most battles would win the tournament.
    -All contendors have all of their power (for instance, Goku will be in Super Saiyan 5 and Mewtwo has his armor)

    1. Mewtwo (Source: Pokémon)

    -Armored suit
    -Huge psychic powers
    -Heals himself
    -Corrupt others with his mind and is extremely intelligent
    -Potential to destroy planets (according to


    2. Mr. Manhattan (Source: Watchmen)

    -Copy's himself
    -Grows to enormous size
    -Powers of nuclear capability
    -Extremely intelligent

    -Incapable of understanding emotion

    3. Optimus Prime (Source: Transformers)

    -Huge, badass robot
    -Transforms into a truck
    -Enormous in size
    -Huge strength


    4. Goku (Source: Dragonball-Z)

    -Incredibly powerful attacks
    -Potential to destroy planets

    -When grabbed by his tail he loses his power
    -If he doesn't eat he loses most of his power

    5. Iron Man/Tony Stark (Source: Comics & Iron Man movies)

    -Highly intelligent
    -Flies extremely fast
    -Suit built for combat
    -Rocket launchers, laser blasters built in

    -If he loses the suits he's an ordinary human

    6. Wolverine/Logan (Source: Comics & X-Men movies)

    -Only dies when decapitated (supposedly)
    -Healing powers
    -Skeleton of Adamantium
    -Adamantium claws

    -When shot with an adamantium bullet he will lose his conscience and lose his memory

    7. The Hulk/Bruce Banner (Source: Comics & Hulk movies)

    -Insane strength
    -Supposedly never dies
    -Can jump to very high altitudes

    -Has anger management issues
    -When one somehow forces him into his human form, he's nothing but a human (although highly intelligent)

    8. Voldemort (Source: Harry Potter universe)

    -Great magic powers
    -Control the minds of others (Impedimentia)

    -Loses a big part of his power without the Elder Wand (Or any other wand)

    9. Yoda (Source: Star Wars universe)

    -Uses the force
    -Insane lightsaber-skills
    -Highly intelligent
    -Small and agile

    -Believes in balance; will not fight without good reason

    10. The Green Lantern/Hal Jordan (Source: Comics/Green Lantern movie)

    -Uses a ring with which he can conjure whatever he wants
    -Has access to practically ever weapon he can think of because of his ring

    -Take away the ring and all he is is Ryan Reynolds

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    We're hosting an Ultimate Showdown right here in Fun Stuff, feel free to nominate any and all contestants listed here. The contest is going to be huge (we hope), so they'll be plenty of room for all!

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