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    The checklist!

    Pringles check
    Doritos x2 check
    Rollers x2 check
    Oreo double cream check
    M&Ms check

    Stores got down for medium temperature check
    Wear lousy pijamas to be cool and comfy check
    desk cleaned check
    Cooking Soda in armpits check
    Digimom Break-up song in the background till IT STARTS check
    Friend coming tomorrow to test things out check
    Teeth washed up check
    Slept till 18:00 check (it starts at 22:00 for me)
    Ensured that all family members have accepted that I stay until late the last days check

    C/W finished not checked yet lol (1 disorder left w/e)

    I think that these will do!
    What about you ppl?

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    The Lightbringer Malthurius's Avatar
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    A lot of hot pockets and TV dinners and a 24 case of coca-colas.
    "Questions are for those seeking answers. Those who have answers are those who have asked questions." -Mike R. (Malthurius)

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    BWE access for me - check
    BWE access for my gf - check

    that's all I need

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    I find the high sugar diet works best for me.

    10 litres of Energy drink
    10 bags of sweets

    For the whole weekend, not just tonight

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    Work at 5am tomorrow so I can't stay up as late as I was hoping... Check

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treeskee View Post
    Work at 5am tomorrow so I can't stay up as late as I was hoping... Check

    Hang in there! Don't worry we will be w8ing for you while we play!

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    Birthday ignored check

    And now.. we wait.

    Tomoko Eternal Life, Kilik Eternal Sun, Eira Frozen Hearted, Ashara Emberlight,
    Vuug The Deceiver, Grash Gravebuilder, Asgaut Divine Soul, Lera Dreamstealer

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    Bottled water Check
    Coffee Check
    Husband to cook for me Check

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    Trail mix.
    Hot pockets.
    Subway (my friend agreed to bring me two footlongs today and tomorrow!).

    I'm set Time to gain some poundage. FOR SCIENCE!

    Well... FOR GAMING!

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    Than Happy Birthday Bloodhunter

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    10 liters? You'll spend more time pissing than playing! 6 will be enough for me
    (By the way, nice name/avatar)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryngo Blackratchet View Post
    Yeah, Rhandric is right, as usual.

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    You need to replace your oreos with these

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    4 litres of double espresso mint ice coffee and 20 cans of coke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by got3n View Post
    You need to replace your oreos with these

    MY GOD!!

    I officially hate my country for not bringing in every crap these companies get released


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    Wait, cooking soda in armpits? what?
    ''The only true failure is when you stop trying''.

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    Case of beer? Check.
    Handle of Jack? Check.
    Two, two liters of coke? Check.

    Gotta have a backup, folks.

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    Beer - check
    Chips - check
    Pepsi - check
    12 hour shift starting at 6am on Saturday and Sunday - check
    Need to leave at for the airport at 2am on Monday - check

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinni View Post
    Wait, cooking soda in armpits? what?
    The best thing you can get there to not smell Try it. It's also everlasting (especially if you apply it after taking a bath). Soda draws on any bad smell of your armpits. Had to discover it when every single chemical spray I used to try, treated me badly.

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    Trance? ..Check.
    Left over pizza & KD ..Check
    Coffee? ..Check.

    I think I'm ready

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    Quote Originally Posted by Well View Post
    MY GOD!!

    I officially hate my country for not bringing in every crap these companies get released

    Just FYI, there are 18 in each pack, each cookie itself is 100 calories lol. But totally worth it.

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