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    Exclamation ▬▬►#The 1 U.S. 2-Night Guild Recruiting Skilled Social Member

    Full Spectrum is a guild for stellar players that play casually. We’re Alliance on Alleria.

    We’re home to people with significant school, work, or personal commitments. Our members excel at the game, but cannot commit to the time-intensive raid schedules of traditional guilds.

    The guild was formed about a month before Cataclysm came out, and we have come a long way since. We have two kinds of members:

    1. Raid Team Members. Our team raids just 2 nights per week, 3.5 hours per night. The team is the #1 ranked two-night guild in the U.S., and one of the top 3 in the world. We finished DS as the #23 U.S. 10-man overall.

    2. Social Members. Many of us cannot commit to a raiding schedule at all, but want to be in a guild with other great players. When social members do have time to raid or do a 5-man or a challenge mode, they want to do so with stellar people that you don’t usually find in casual guilds. Some members are professionals who have to work late random nights. Others have to travel for work. Others are parents whose kids that take priority. Or some just don't want to block out certain days from their calendar. But all are skilled players, and when they're in your group, you can count on them.

    We strive to be not just great players, but great people too. We are friendly, mature, laid back, and work together.

    Current Openings:

    We are always accepting applications for social members. The application process is separate than the one for our raid team. With this post we are recruiting social members. Unlike most guilds, we will still interview social applicants to make sure you’re a good fit personality and skill-wise.

    Do Social Members Raid?

    Absolutely. The difference is that there’s no commitment like our raid team. Sign up and go. Or don’t go. It’s up to you. Because we make sure to maintain a skilled roster, social members are still successful when they are able to raid. Plus, come MoP, there’s other reasons to be in a skilled group as a social member. Maybe you’re interested in the regionally ranked challenge modes. Maybe you want to be in the guild most likely to claim world bosses. Or you want your alt runs to go smoothly instead of having to raid with people who don’t know what they’re doing.

    What Makes Our Guild Different:

    You’ll find lots of social guilds on every single server. We’re different. Here’s why:

    Stellar Players. We only recruit great players. That’s whether they join our 2-night raid team or join as a social member. We are possibly the only guild in the U.S. that has a skill requirement for social members. And we do so while a maintaining friendly, mature environment. This is exactly what you’re looking for: a place where you don’t have to commit to a raid schedule, but can still feel part of an elite group of players.

    Low Turnover. Nobody has ever left our guild to join a more progressed, more skilled, or more friendly guild. Ever. That’s because the people here genuinely enjoy it here. There’s no feeling that people are being carried when you bring along someone to do a 5-man or raid. There’s no annoying member that is nevertheless tolerated. There’s no drama turning people away. And frankly there are few, if any, other opportunities like we provide.

    Personality. We take the game seriously, but with a laid-back attitude. Nobody yells, and everyone has a light-hearted attitude. We don’t troll general chat or brag on the forums. Overall our members are mature and pleasant to be around.* More than just good players, we’re looking for good people, ones who we will enjoy playing with.

    Inclusiveness. We’ve had all sorts of people join since we started, and we’re very welcoming of gaming minorities, whether that’s women, LGBT players, parents, couples, and foreign citizens. A guild with quality players can be hard to find. But a guild that has that in a friendly, pleasant atmosphere is one of a kind.

    WoW Insider Interview:

    We’re e-famous. Our guild was recognized by WoW Insider as the “shape of guilds to come.” Check out the interview with Oatz, our GM here:


    Contact Information:

    For questions or more information, you can talk to Oatz in-game, send a PM to Oatz after registering on our forums, or email [email protected]. If you’re ready to apply, simply click on Social Application at our website.


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    We are recruiting!
    Full Spectrum - Alleria
    Skilled Players with Work and Families
    WoW Insider Interview

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