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    How to get the wow mmo mouse working in the GW2 beta?

    As the title says , i'm wondering how i can get this done. I tried it with macro's, but it seems i'm doing something wrong.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    ArenaNet probably disabled it on purpose. Shame on you.

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    ...lol shame on me? Anyways i got it figured out. good answer btw

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    Then share with the rest of the class...

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    Don't feed trolling GW2 fanboys.
    My first thought is binding WoW mouse keys to numpad then bind numpad keys in GW2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaerin View Post
    Then share with the rest of the class...
    Don't know if you still need it but the way i did it ,was by making a new profile in the steel series software. Now what i normally do is make macro's for each specific key. If i did this only Mouse button 5 worked... anyways It is pretty simple. Just make a new profile and set it to default settings. (don't forget the basic stuff like loading the gw2.exe file) No need to make macro's even.
    Next time when you log into gw2 it will recognize the buttons. Only "downside" is that they recognize it as another key. So for example my mouse button 1 was bound to G for some reason. Perhaps this will help you out for the next BWE :-)

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