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    Legendary Assasination Rotation!

    So I just recieved my daggers and my question is: How should I use the 6 sec during Fury of the Destroyer? I was thinking Envenom first to get the buff, Then refresh a quick rupture, and finish off with a few quick envenoms to finish off. Please help if that's wrong, and Don't tell me to switch to combat either please

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    Almost always you should just go crazy with your Envenoms. Because of Relentless Strikes, you'll be regenerating energy such that most of the time you'll be near full by the time your proc is over. Only on the last second should you refresh rupture, and only if it has fallen off or is a second from falling off. Letting out those envenoms is the funnest thing ever.

    Also worth noting is to try and hold off on using your tricks until the proc happens. Don't sit on it if you haven't proced, but if you're reaching the upper 40's wait til after to get a nice unload of damage since you'll be near full energy.

    Hope this helped.

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    You spam Envenom endlessly, Literally that's all you do when you get that proc by all means the last second sure rupture other then that spam it.

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    That's what I was hoping for thanks!

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    Use one of the finishers on rupture if it falls off during the proc. You use the same rules that you do without fury of the destroyer, aside from pooling energy. Use every GCD on a finisher, whether it's envenom or rupture.

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