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    The yak is pretty badass. actually, of all the mounts I've seen coming with this expansion, I can't really say I don't like one, they're all pretty cool, sure some use the same skeleton as past mounts, but at least they're trying to do more with the same skeleton instead of just recolors. This is a plus in my book.

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    Lol Daily Blink is awesome. Also I want that Yak mount lol.

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    I'm getting a yak the second I can, that's pimp. I hope that if the scorpion isn't faction-specific, there's a lion somewhere there for us Hordies. Not that I particularly need a Golden Lion for my main, but c'mon you can't introduce cool faction mounts then make one available to everyone the next year.

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    That scorpion looks amazing personally however I personally hate that Yak mount.

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    The Yak mount..../drool

    It's huge!!!

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    Nice with a charity run.

    Feels good.

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    Scorpion and strider possibly guild perk mounts?

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    "Don’t need the help of the Dragon Aspects? The spell can be disabled by talking to Lord Afrasastrasz at the beginning of Dragon Soul."

    Why would anyone do that?
    'oh, lets make it harder on ourselves for the same loot'

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    War(craft) Games and Tron. Oh Daily Blink, thank you for making me laugh this morning. I really needed it!

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    yak mount looks awesome, need to start gold making again once my exams are over.

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    Ding Dong Bannu.
    End of rine.

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    Firstly the Yak mount = Poor creature,tiny legs and all that luggage,someone called the RSPCA! But another vendor mount i wont be able to afford lol

    Crane Mount = Remodel of the Plainstriders but does anyone else get this image when it runs "hot,hot,hot,hot,hot,hot,hot,teh floor iz lavaz!"

    Scorpion mount = Finally i've always wanted a scorpion mount on my alliance they are so badass,tis like a clash of the titans charge.

    Also if i might make a suggestion,give the scorpion some attacks like a claw attack or cleave or a tail stinger,or even a charge attack,i mean its basically a massive war weapon only being used to ferry around people to which lets be honest i couldnt drive round all day with that poisonous stinger luring over my head could you?

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    I was hoping to see the pandaren racial mounts (dragon turtles) implemented but no. I was also hoping that the strider shared the same running animations as the hawkstrider (in that it doesnt stretch its neck out to run) but no... However seeing the yak i was impressed. Didn't like the size like most but still kinda cool.

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    Loving the big Yak Mount

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    Quote Originally Posted by iPluto View Post
    Oh man, i have to buy that yak now cause it comes with vendors. Damn i have to save up for this and the jc mount. I don't have anywhere that amount. Im presuming jc mount will be 125k and yak would be 25k. I just re subbed gotta to buy the yak fast otherwise the price will inflate. I really thought the yak would be available by other means like raids drops etc but this is much better...i quiet like grinding. I did grind for jeeves and scepter mount from archaeology - they were worth the effort. The crane would be cool and if i can get it will be used for everyday use; the yak is just too big like the elephants. My faveourite mounts currently is the raven lord, any bears and scepter. No i havne't got raven lord...yet.

    I hope the jc mounts are obtainable via archaeology and only to jc's; im still pisted that my alchemist couldn't open canopic jars and learning archaeology not on my main is obsurd. Since my main does have all the other minor professions (for the achievement). Plus archaeololgy on a druid makes it a little easier - insta flying and hearthstone to nighhaven.
    Please make sure you pop in here again in future and keep us up to date with how its going!

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    Please make a video with a male tauren on that yak.

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    404 - File or directory not found.
    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
    Please look into this.

    Its the first image.

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    15000g is nothing for a mount nowdays .

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    Can't wait to see a Tauren riding a Yak

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    Quote Originally Posted by Descense View Post
    15000g is nothing for a mount nowdays .
    Which is why that's the VENDOR price, aka the price you SELL it to the vendor for. The mount will probably be 100,000g+.

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