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    You have my sympathies. It is, as many others have pointed out, a lot harder to treat a hangover than it is to avoid getting one in the first place by trying to hardwire "water before sleep when drunk" into your brain. That said, we all make mistakes, and my usual solution when I get a REALLY bad hangover is:

    1. Paracetamol (aka headache pills, I dunno what brand names you have but you can probably figure it out)
    2. As much water as you can get without your belly retaliating (if you have some kind of commercial anti-hangover solvent tablets at home, have a dosage of those with the water)
    3. Possibly some food, if you can get it down. Scrambled eggs are easy to eat and yum-full of protein.
    4. Go right back to sleep, you'll probably drop dead as soon as the headache goes away

    You'll waste away several hours of the day, and that really sucks. But when you wake up, you'll probably feel fairly well again, and imo that beats feeling like absolut crap all afternoon. Stay strong!

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    Become immune to hangovers by drinking more.

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    Just drink water while you drink alcohol, problem solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodNewsEveryone View Post
    Out of curiousity what kind of hangovers do you people suffer from?

    I myself tend to get a feeling in my stomach where I want to vomit and my muscles ache all over. I never experience headaches or an increased sensitivity to sound.
    Have you had the influenza? World is spinning, you're tired as holy hell, everything makes you feel sick and headaches are killing you?

    Those are my hangovers. Luckily, I usually manage to avoid them

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    <snip>. It takes hangover away in an instant.

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    Water... Lots and lots of water. I usually drink like 2-3 litres over a period of a couple of hours. Works fine for me

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    McDonalds breakfast

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    Taco Bell. It either makes it 10X worse or 10X better. It's a gamble so should only be used in the direst of hangovers.

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    In a bar. Somewhere that carries Khalua, cream and Vodka
    Gatorade and sour-dough pretzel nuggets.

    Plenty of 10 hour shifts the day after drinking a bottle + of liquor taught me this one quick
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    anyone want doughnuts? i hear there is a great shop in Vancouver

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    Water and time.
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    Hair of the dog is the hangover cure of the champions

    but in all seriousness its just water sleep maybe a energy drink and food and a huge frigging headache tablet

    you will have lost alot of water and electrolytes and salt through urination and your liver working overtime so you need to replace those

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    Like others have said, staying hydrated works wonders. If you're not too trashed to remember drinking a bottle of gatorade before going to sleep, I've never had a hangover when I did.
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    In all honesty and WITHOUT trolling in anyway what so ever...

    Listen to the people saying "prevention" (water, food, swap a drink for a water sometimes, especially when still out late in the morning)
    Obviously not the answer this time since you already have the hang over hehe.

    Water water water. Some people may suggest coffee but this will dehydrate you more lol
    Something bread like and plain. Eggs if you can stomach it.
    Fresh air after you have rested, dont stay in a stuffy house / room. sit outside with sunglasses or a something over your eyes if they are sensitive.

    Its really about re-hydrating. Had some doctor friends go on a 2 day bender before they got married. Every morning they had drips set up to rehydrate them and carry on, was hilarious use of doctor skills.

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    Plenty of water and a short walk does me fine in the mornings

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    Have some Irish blood in ya and you will never get hangovers. I have been black out drunk sent to Balboa Naval Emergency wing for alcohol poisoning and woke up the next day fresh as a daisy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Porcell View Post
    Drink water / Gatorade, preferably all through the night. On my 21st birthday I had a glass of water with me and took a drink of water after every drink/shot I had. I didn't get completely hammered, felt great, and no hangover.
    Did this to when drinking alot of whisky and jäger on a party (Not with every shot but taking a glass water now and then) felt normal the day after
    I thought I did, but apparently I don't

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    They did something on this on TV that I saw they had 3 different cures for people who had gotten hangovers. One group had more beers for breakfast, another had nothing but headache medicine I think and the third had english breakfast. The last one worked best.
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    Cold Chinese food and a beer. Best hangover remedy.

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    Greasy food and water.

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    Aspirin, water, and sleep.

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