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    green incinerate for Warlock

    Hey guys found this in the Beta Files a more " greenish " version für Incinerate
    also Spellicon

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    How exactly did you get this?
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    Pretty cool but I think it would look better without the red glow. It makes me think the warlock is celebrating christmas lol

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    Probably some kind of mod...
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    that looks awful, i hope it isnt real
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    Green versions of most warlock spells have existed since BC.

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    This is likely false data in addition green versions of most warlock spells have an actual icon rather then well a what seems to be an awful ''Shopped'' icon. To see those icons; Simply go to macro's and select icons and you will eventually fine the ''Green'' icons. Now as for the spells yeah I believe actual legit ones are in the actual game such as Rain of Chaos.

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    This is likely from a private server, and not the beta, lol.

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    We already know that it's not the texturing that is a problem but the implementation of a glyph that acts as a green on/off switch for multiple spells

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    "Found it in the beta files"... hmm.

    Funny. There already is a green incinerate that's been there for years and this is not it. That's also not a wow icon.

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    anyone can easily just change the color in photoshop.
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