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    Getting a new video card - need advice

    So it's soon time for another upgrade. I have my eyes set on the GTX 680 but I won't be buying it before June, after the exams, so..

    Any ideas what it might cost then? How much should I save approximately? I'm from Sweden btw. The price is a little too salty right now so I'm not sure.
    I don't want to spend more than 4500 SEK, which should be around 500 euros I think, so what alternatives would there be.

    I currently have a Radeon 6850 which is great, however the new card should be Nvidia because I already bought a Nvidia 3d monitor so wouldn't want it to go to waste.
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    honestly just wait until June. The new Nvidia cards might come out by then and you can see what the prices are at.

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