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    What Level are you

    So I recently just reached level 24 highest on the server I think been playing for about 20 hours now and I am loving the necromancer class!

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    6, I don't really want to play my personal story. As I'll just end up having to do it again.

    I've spent most of my time (10+ hours) in WvW and 5v5.

    Let me say, it has been great. Everything I expected, no complaints.

    I love my thief.
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    Yea personal story ends after your level 19 quest a bit of a bummer since its easy xp. Might get to 25 than start a new character no point going to the cap really.

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    8 Warrior, 9 Ranger, 12 Ele (and I had an 9 Ele as well, but remade in a different area). Going to do either Engi or Thief next.

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    Level 2. Tried PvP and got stuck in Structured PVP. Will try some PvE tomorrow.

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    I had an 11 ranger than switched to an elementalist because I kept getting disconnected on a class quest and having to start over.. then got that elementalist to 18 and LOVED it.. and now I think I'm going to try out something new. Mesmer or Necro perhaps?

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    18 as an elementalist, and loved every minute of it.

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    Highest so far is 13. Hehe... just started doing my story quests too. Nice to play something that "feels" like an MMO again.
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    13, aw the story quest ends at 19? Will they add more is that it?

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    13, I've been playing wvw nearly the whole time.

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    20 Mesmer. Got super stuck on lvl 24 events.
    <-- That is otterly adorable.

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    23 as a Norn Thief, pondering whether I should try another class today, but first some sleep :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ave07 View Post
    13, aw the story quest ends at 19? Will they add more is that it?
    Seeing as dungeon's "Story Mode" is directly linked to your personal story, then I guess "yes".

    But, the level cap is 30 right now, correct? I would assume there was some parts in the 20's.

    My ranger just hit level 10. I played an engineer to level 5 in WvWvW, and did PvE with an elementalist and warrior, who I got to level 4 and 5.

    I'm not sure why I like the ranger, but I just do. Warrior was also fun.
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    19 Mesmer.

    Like I said in other posts:

    1-5 Hated the experience, too much people, not enough information to how things work, no weapon switch.
    5-10 Meh experience, too much unknown things still, dying a lot on some quests, getting used to the class, still too many people on some quests.
    11-20 LOVE IT, everything starts to click, rolling as become better, playing with illusion and the 2 weapons has become a lot more fluid, still some pretty brutal deaths here and there

    I still don't like the crafting system though, it looks like it requires too much materials. And the blue craft materials, I dont drop enough of those... Maybe I'm missing something.
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    Played 13 Hours straight yesterday and reached lvl 15 on my norn female elementalist, and yes the first 5 lvls was hard but good and i loved lvling it so far!
    tryed getting map completion on wayfarers foothills but i am missin 1 point of interest and i cannot find it, any advice?
    Shall go for round 2 now!

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    Level 12 Warrior and a level 8 Ranger

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    30 Mesmer, I have no life yes

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    22 Warrior, It's been fun so far. I'm not worried about the quests as i'll be rolling a sylvari.

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    I have a 22 Thief 17 Guardian 12 Elementalist.

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