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    Level 4 bchz
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    Level 21 Thief, probably not gonna push further for this beta weekend. Maybe I'll try some PvP instead.

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    Human Mesmer, Killed the Shadow Behemoth at 15, ran out of Personal Story just before 19. Tried grinding a few of the harder event areas for more XP before I just gave up (too much).

    Did some PvP, but if I want to play a Human Mesmer at launch I think the future BWEs for me will have to be Asura/Charr/Sylvari so I don't get sick of doing the Human thing over and over again. Assuming Asura are in, Asura Guardian will probably be my next run, if not then probably a Charr Ranger (reminiscient of pre-searing, those bastards north of the wall HURT).
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    21. Fully completed both uhman zones and dunno what to do now :9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrowstorm View Post
    Seeing as dungeon's "Story Mode" is directly linked to your personal story, then I guess "yes".

    But, the level cap is 30 right now, correct? I would assume there was some parts in the 20's.
    No your personal story ends after you do your level 19 quest it says personal story will continue in release. Update on my level I think im the first 30 on the server but its hard to tell since my chat is bugged and I cant talk to people.

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    23 elementalist, stopped playng now since I've got a plane to catch. I loved every second of this beta. Truly amazing

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    Lvl 20 warrior. I've spent some time on leveling professions, and once you get past the 50s in the skill levels you can make some great gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ave07 View Post
    13, aw the story quest ends at 19? Will they add more is that it?
    It stops at around level 19, they say it will go farther in the release version... they just don't want to spoil the personal quests in a beta.

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    I stopped my thief at 26, felt like I ran out of satisfying things to do what with the max level zones being 15-25, I did all the higher level stuff I could find. Anyways I'm satisfied, it lived up to my expectations

    Looking forward to next beta and hopefully Sylvari+Asura zones alternatively opening up som higher level zones (If we get to keep our characters for next BWE, anyone know anything about that?). Gonna spend next beta playing some other class, otherwise I'll just become bored with thief (likely gonna play thief in release). Just don't know what I'm gonna try next, mesmer maybe?

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    My guardian is my highest level character atm at lvl 13. Also got a warrior lvl 11, ranger level 9, ele level 4, necro lvl 2

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    No clue where to go now...What zone is 25+? Not 15-25..I'm looking for 25-35.

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    11 human mesmer, really cool and I dig it, but wont be playing human at launch.

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    Lvl 21 Norn Guardian, really enjoyed this beta!

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    level 15 elementalist norn

    i must say im in love with this game, after level 10 it got much better btw ^^ first few levels the DE's were pretty lame :x
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    5, it's beta i don't want to get worn out before the game even comes out.

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    Level 12 Charr thief. Level 4 Human Elementalist.

    Tragically, I work weekends so I haven't had much time to devote to the game. It's a shame it will all reset to zero when the next beta event rolls around, so that sort of kills my motivation to really progress.

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    Got 15+ on my Mesmer and Thief. My goal wasn't to get to the highest level I can, but exploring the entire zone and see as much as possible. Also, they need to fix steal, as it's more of an annoyance then anything technical wise.

    Great Post on some ideas to make it better.
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    15. Saw no point of going hardcore with a character this weekend, I'll just have to do it again. And I avoided personal story for the most part, didn't want to ruin it. But I'll be playing an Asura anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laylie View Post
    So I recently just reached level 24 highest on the server I think been playing for about 20 hours now and I am loving the necromancer class!
    Managed to get to 18 on my Elementalist before I had to quit.
    Finished my personal story. Helped a friend I made on my server finish his personal story as well. They varied so much from each other.
    Elementalist is heaps of fun. And it's probably gonna be my main.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iCandy View Post
    No clue where to go now...What zone is 25+? Not 15-25..I'm looking for 25-35.
    None that you can access. They're not available, to my knowledge.

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    28 warrior, I wandered into the Ascalon Catacombs and, suprise! You can actually do it :O I tried to get a group together but nobody else was high enough :/

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