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    21 Guardian.

    Only been able to play for 10 hours...

    Hope I have more luck with availability next BWE.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hellspawnxxx View Post
    Thank god you posted that pic done by Da Vinci The vitruvian man because to be honest I had NOOOO Idea what a Human body looked liked therefor had NO idea what you were refering too. With that said the sylvari are made of lettuce. If I twist up some cabage leaves too look like a human, it doesnt make it monohuman.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kelesti View Post
    That picture has four arms and four legs. It's not a human, so it's clearly a spider.

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    24 Elementalist, stopped playing now after a long battle in WvWvW protecting my home lands. I got most of my levels in WvWvW so ive not done much of the PVE stuff.

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    I manage to get to 21 (warrior) could've gotten higher if it wasn't for those darn disconects and not getting online crap

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    I'm not sure if there's even a level cap in this beta. I joined a random guild on my Thief and at the top of the list there's a guy whose level 32 >.>

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    Stood in the Fire
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    Lvl 9 ele, lvl 7 gaurd and lvl 5 warrior

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelstrom51 View Post
    I'm not sure if there's even a level cap in this beta. I joined a random guild on my Thief and at the top of the list there's a guy whose level 32 >.>
    I doubt there's a level cap but you can't get into the 25+ zones. 15-25 zones only apparently. Which kind of limits how much you can do but more importantly limits your gear.

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    I made it to level 15

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    level 24 and i decided to stop for good. the game is amazing and i am going to look forward to release instead of steadily ruining the experience now with beta. i've had my 'demo' period and am extremely satisfied with it!

    For the questions earlier about personal story, yes it continues on release all the way to max level where you will have some pretty awesome lore shit going on in it so look forward to that! The story will gradually build up in intensity and awesomeness so you don't feel like you suddenly went from centaur killer to ginormous dragon killer which would be riddiculous.

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    25 norn necro
    13 charr guardian
    11 human engineer
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    I got to 26 on my warrior and just decided to stop, i had my fix until release.

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    I got my Human Mesmer to 10. I made her look like a creepy wide-eyed sailor moon anime girl which was oddly fun. She even had a stupid looking happy face mask on and the two handed sword for added stupidness. :P I barely scratched the surface with Mesmer let alone a few other classes which I got to level 6 and 4 lol! I'm really liking Mesmer and I think I'll be a Sylvari one come release.
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