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    Survival hunter LF weekend raiding guild.


    I'm looking for a guild that raids on weekends to join.
    I'm mostly interested in progressing into MoP, but doing some DS to finish off Cata would be nice as well.

    The only real requirement I'm looking for is that it be in a high population realm.
    I'd prefer it to be Horde, but I would be willing to race chance if need-be, although I'd also like the faction we're playing to not be out numbered.

    My raiding experience includes: Most Wrath content (as a resto druid) and Firelands, and LFR. However, I have watched the videos for most Cata raids; just haven't done them (kind of a long story...)

    Either post a reply here, PM me, catch me in-game, or email me at [email protected]

    Thanks for considering me (or at least taking the time to read this)

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    Hi mate Departed is an 8/8H 25m guild recruiting for their 10m Alt run during the weekend.

    We are currently forming our 10m alt run and we plan on having it be a solid easy going progression based weekend raid.

    I would be interested in talking to you. Weekend raid times are currently being discussed. If this is something that would interest you drop me a line.

    The server runs on EST times

    Real ID [email protected]

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