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    [A] Esoteric 10M 3/8 HM LF Spriest & H Pal T/W 9-12 EST

    Esoteric Recruitment - US-Zul’jin - Alliance

    In Esoteric we want to do it all, see it all, SMASH it all, and walk away smiling once the day's work is done. We focus on progressing through current raid content at a pace we find comfortable for us, while also checking off our achievement lists from past content. Whatever our goal, Esoteric strives to succeed at a high level.

    Esoteric’s raid group was reborn just after the introduction of the Firelands. However, our raiders have a solid raiding background and history of raiding together. We have an excellent raid leadership and guild officer corps. And our leaders have extensive experience going back to Vanilla WoW days. We are a close-knit guild with a dedicated 10 man raiding group.

    We are excited about Mists of Pandaria and we hope you are too!!

    Raid times:

    TUES 9 PM - 12 AM EST
    WED 9 PM - 12 AM EST

    What we need:

    (1) Spriest (comfortable enough with class to play more than one spec)
    (1) Holy Paladin (comfortable with either off spec)

    We might consider other classes/specs, all interested applicants are encouraged to contact us.

    Current progression:

    We are currently 3/8 in Heroic Dragon Soul. We are all adults with active busy lives, so our raid week is a short six hours and we strive to make efficient use of our time. If progression is not happening we will not bang our heads on a boss for longer than is productive. We run our 10-man group with a 11 or 12-man roster. We do this because we have found it is the best way to cover ourselves and ALWAYS have a raid go off when scheduled. That said we don’t sit two people for an entire night, we make sure all 12 members understand the current tier’s boss mechanics so everyone is ready to raid. We are looking to reduce our roster to 11 for Mists, allowing for one of each class.

    We offer raiders guild repairs (always turned on for your main) as well as providing all flasks, potions, and food needed for raiding.

    What we expect from you:

    - ability to use vent, with a working microphone.
    - that you will be able to make 95% of our raids.
    - to be on time for raids.
    - that if you cannot make a raid that you will INFORM YOUR RAID LEADER or OFFICER
    - when you are asked to prepare for a fight, you will do so.
    - to be knowledgeable about the state of and changes to your class and always perform your best.
    - to take pride in what you do.
    - come ready to have fun, enjoy those around you and share in a lot of great times moving forward.

    Other information about Esoteric:

    We also have a healthy membership base outside of our raider core. Outside of raid times, we run heroics, old raids for transmog items or achievements, periodic guild sponsored contests, and have a few dedicated PvPers who are always looking for more to join their ranks.

    If you have any questions, please see Wandarla, our recruiter, or Paradyme, our guild leader in game. Or contact me via PM or apply at our website at esoteric.guildlaunch.com. We will set up a Ventrilo interview and proceed from there.
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    Updated to reflect current needs

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    We need a shadow priest (comfortable with healing occasionally) now.

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