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    [A] Onslaught of Frostmane 6/8H 10Man Weekendraid LF Tank

    Our 6/8H core group is in need of a solid, reliable tank in order to continue progression. We raid Friday and Saturday evenings from 1030pm to 2am CST
    Due to real life issues for several of our core that have caused them to stop playing as much or at all we are recruiting the following classes:

    1 Tank Preferably with a dps offspec
    Protection Warrior
    Protection Paladin
    Blood Deathknight

    But are alsoaccepting exceptionally skilled applicants of other classes and specs.

    What we expect of our raiders:

    As close to 100% attendance as it gets. We understand that things come up, they just shouldn't be too often.
    You are geared for heroic content.
    Your gear is fully gemed, enchanted and reforged properly.
    You are knowledgable of your class and spec.
    You take the time to read up on progression fights and watch strat videos.
    You can follow directions over vent.

    If you feel that you meet all of these criteria, we welcome you to post an application and look forward to raiding with you.
    Contact me ingame : Tiredbear, Moltentired, Ninjatired or Deadtired

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