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    Its ok to feel offended, but getting upset with the agents is not going to help you. When a customer calls me and says We overchaged him for somthing or did not refund him and yells at me for it I feel like doing nothing for them. I didn't wrong him, the company did.
    The same goes here. It is not the agents fault that your banned, its the company's. So getting upset with the agent is not going to help. Stay calm, be polite, and they will be more inclined to do everything they can for you.
    I can second this.

    Getting pissy with the CS rep who you're talking to on the phone isn't going to do any good, and is really rather odd considering it's not their fault that you're having a problem to begin with.

    I had a situation like that last October when I was trying to get my account signed up for the annual pass. It was telling me I was ineligible for some reason, so I opened a ticket and they told me I had a chargeback on my account so it was in negative standing. Confused, I call. Long story short, she told me even if I paid off the negative balance I wouldn't be eligible. This, obviously, pissed me off, but I knew it wasn't the rep's fault. I remained calm with her and told her that I'd like to pay off the balance anyway. So I gave her my card info, she paid it off, I thanked her for her time and we hung up. A few hours later I get a call from Blizzard's CS department, and the woman on the other end says she did some more digging and found out it was due to an account breach that happened when I wasn't even active. She apologized, acknowledged that it was unfair that my account had this negative standing to begin with, flagged my account as eligible for the promo, and offered to refund the money I paid for the chargeback. Signed up for the annual pass right after that. Okay so I guess that wasn't all that short.

    Anyway, yeah, being calm and collected can go a long way. They may do customer service for a living, but they're still human. They're gonna get defensive when they're yelled at, especially for something they have no control over.

    Heck, this goes for real life too! My mom went out of state to a job, and of course she had to rent a car. When she got to the car rental place early in the morning, she found out that they had no cars even though she reserved one. The computer system was still letting people make car reservations even though that branch didn't have any available. My mom had to sit at the branch waiting, since she had no way to get around anyway. Countless people came in and proceeded to yell and complain to the guy working the counter, even though it clearly wasn't his fault. Eventually, someone pulls in to return a car, and the employee looks at my mom and says, "See! Here's your car! I told you I'd get you a car, and here it is!" She ended up getting upgraded from the dinky little compact she reserved to a mustang. Patience and politeness go a long way.
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    The representative I talked to on the phone seemed to have gotten my point rather well and there was absolutely no reason to be angry at her. If anything, she did what was within her reach to help me out. Unfortunately, that wasn't alot, but she did open a ticket with priority. I am going to call CS again today because I want to solve this issue. I am just not going to lie as that is against everything I stand for. I still believe/hope things can also be solved with the honest truth, even though just about everyone tells me differently. Thanks for thinking with me anyway though. I appreciate it.

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    Yeah, lying about it is a bad idea too. It's like lying on your resume. Someone's bound to find out about it eventually and you could be in for a world of hurt when they do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nylou View Post
    So being honest is offensive. Alright, thank you for making this clear to me. Brb, suicide. This world isn't worth my time.
    Let me show you where you went wrong.

    "Way to go... This really just makes me think that a GM holds some kind of a grudge against me..."
    How do you think they will react to this blatantly ignorant comment? No GM bans for no reason. In fact, they do a lot of digging in order to actually lay a ban on someone, and this is especially true of perma-bans. They obviously saw some suspicious behavior tied to your account that warranted this response. They may be misinterpreting some of your actions.

    I still want a compensation
    Demanding things is never going to work. This is not a "the customer is always right" situation. You signed an EULA that states they can close accounts for no reason with no warning. I'm not saying that is what happened or you deserved it, but you agreed that to allow it to happen, making any kind of demand laughable. It also looks extremely childish.

    I am spreading the word as I type this message, because what happens here, deserves to be told to every other customer, in case they also get screwed over.
    Threats also don't work well. You can't hold a multi-billion dollar company hostage when you're only paying them $15 a month. And again, it only looks childish. Not only this, but your story doesn't help "every other customer". People in here have been trying to help you. It's those responses that "every other customer" should hear.

    I wanted to make clear how very offensive I find this whole affair and I can't believe Blizzard saw fit to do this to me.
    Implying Blizzard is bad at their job and that they banned you for no reason. It just won't sit well with the ones reading your message. See the first point I made: GMs don't ban for no reason.

    Look, you should have done some research. This kind of situation happens a lot. With 10 million customers, stuff like this is bound to happen. But the vast majority of these cases of wrongful banning are eventually overturned when the proper processes and etiquette are used. Wait for the results of the appeal before spouting all this vitriol at them. They WILL try to help you. If you had gone through the process of appealing your ban, and they wrongfully upheld your ban, then I would agree with all the spit and vinegar you're putting into your message to them. But you haven't even given them the chance to rectify their mistake before you start jamming insults down their throats, calling into question the company's integrity and honesty.

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    Threads like this don't often lead to positive discussion, and the OP seems to have considered the discussion it did get to have run its course. Closing to let answered questions lie.

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