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    HC Spine dispelling

    I had a quick search but I couldn't find any details regarding the dispelling on Spine of Deathwing. What I wanted to know is whether or not Blood Corruption: Earth could still mutate back into Death upon being dispelled. The dungeon journal states that it does and the majority of guides I've read detail this, but I read that in a hotfix that they changed it so it would no longer mutate back. The reason I ask is because during our previous attempts on the boss I've been dispelling Earth cautiously to reduce the likelihood it'd mutate back into Death, but if it indeed did get changed then this'd give me a lot more freedom.

    Any confirmation would be appreciated.

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    I have never seen it mutate into death, but I wouldn't take that as confirmation. When I was dispelling I just ignored that fact because I never had it mutate back into death.

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    I've been doing the dispels on all our runs; I've never ever seen it go back to Death. We're a bit stupid (perhaps) with our placements, so I generally do around 70ish dispels on a kill, to push the Earth to the players I want.

    I can't say it's a confirmation, but... The chance has to be extremely low. I've never seen it.
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    It doesn't mutate back to death. Once it mutates to earth it stays earth.

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    source of this hotfix?
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
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    Haven't seen it happening even a single time during month of trying and 8 kills after. So, I'd say, it never happens.
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    happened on one of our first few attempts and caused a wipe.

    never read anything about it being changed with a hotfix
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    Having done several thousand dispells total on this encounter I can tell you that it does not turn back into death, ever.

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    It apprently turned into death back in the early days, but then the encounter was nerfed, to make the dispelling easier. That's why the dungeon journal says incorrect info.

    At least that's what I heard.

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    Supposedly changed so it no longer turns into Death. It will always turn into Earth on the 2nd or 4th dispel now and stay Earth forever, I've dispelled the same debuff a dozen times on many occasions and never seen Death.

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    It absolutely can no longer turn back into Death now, you can safely dispel Earth all day long and it won't go back.

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    Tested tonight and I can now confirm for myself that it doesn't any more.

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    No it doesn't turn back into Death. Once you have it as Earth you can definitely keep dispelling it to make it jump on to the person you want it to be on.

    Iirc it used to change back into Death but it was changed early-mid December.

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    They should probably fix that in the dungeon journal than. Since the preached it so much, correcting them when they make changes would be smart.

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