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    Lightbulb Did you find bugs?

    So, you're in a beta event for this game? Good for you. And you find a bug, or a performance issue? Well, it happens, the game is not polished yet.

    So then what do you do? Do you go and talk about it on random forums and say how fail the game might be? NO
    You found a bug or a performance issue, you go to the Guild Wars 2 forums or use the tool you're given to give feedback. Why? Well, because it's beta and the bug/glitch/issue can be improved, this is the exact point of a beta, to improve the game where needed and polish it where it's done.

    "Yes, but I did a quest, it was bugged, reported it then 2 hours later did it again on another character and it was still bugged" - being a beta, the people fixing problems will first focus on major stuff, but your report will be seen too, after server stability issues and stuff like that are fixed.

    "The fps sucks!" - yes, it might, but they're working on it, have patience. They might not make it this beta event, but check in next beta event.

    "The mobs are not scaled right, this is too hard/easy!" - report it and move on, better give examples of mobs, where you found them, what was the problem with them.

    "[insert game name here]'s beta worked so much better!" - No, you're remembering it wrong. I'll give you the examples of last 3 MMOs that had/have betas, Rift had some issues that made all my ground turn black for example and I stood like that for a week, in SW:ToR the servers died every few minutes, and WoW? Well, MoP has areas where you get instant-disconnected just for getting close to an area or for doing random stuff. So it's not a GW2 only thing.

    "But I want to play!" - you're welcomed to do so when you can, just remember this is not a demo, this is a beta, you're there helping the game get better.

    "I should be payed to report bugs" - well you're not forced to play it, it's not your job, if you don't like it stop, but if you play, report bugs so that game gets better, that's why you're there"

    "[insert game name here]'s beta worked like a demo, why can't the GW2 beta work like that?" - just because a company used their beta as a sneak-peak doesn't mean all companies do it.

    "after this beta event I realized this game is fail, I mean there's so many bugs" - because it's a beta, and you're there to report bugs. If we reach in the last beta event, one week before release and the game is still filled with bugs, yes, then you are welcomed to state that opinion, until then if you're in beta you're there to improve the game and help fix it. Like before, you don't want to do that, don't play, nobody is forcing you.

    "yea, nobody is forcing me, but I wanted to see how the game will play out" - this is not a demo

    "this game will fail just like [insert game name here]" - can you see the future? I'd like the loto numbers from a EU country next week please.

    I hope I covered everything. I just made this thread because I'm a bit tired of all the complaints from people treating the game like a demo. It's not a demo, it's not a sneak-peak. It's a beta. It can be a sneak-peak too, but not of the finished product, but rather of more basic stuff, from landscapes to how battle might work.

    Oh yes, I forgat one that might appear:
    "come on Arnorei, stop ditching the people who have valid complains, you're such a fanboi!" - I'm not ditching anyone, I'm just suggesting you that you report bugs, like you're supposed to do into a beta, and don't make such a big deal before the game is actually closing launch, since until that moment, these bugs could be fixed. And you know what, I was contradicted about the pyramid scheme of zones as well and still don't really understand/agree with it but it doesn't mean I make a topic to say how fail the game might be because of it. And if you're a beta tester, it's better for you since if you have a problem, you can simply report it and move on for now.

    Thank you for reading. And last, but not least, I have this odd feeling that some people will not even read this thread and only read title and just write bugs they found, but alas, I can't think of a better name for it.

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    I agree.

    I found several bugs because that's what I intended to do. I didnt go in to play, I went in to give feedback. I get a little annoyed at people who say "Oh, it was terrible/imbalanced/buggy" because this is not the finished product.

    Even as a beta, I love this. It's fantastic. I cant wait for the next one.

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    Thank you I actually wanted to make one of these threads when I got home but it seems you've done a great job doing it for me. I just really want people to actually report the bugs they find instead of complaining about them, it will only make the game better and the devs are counting on us to do it.

    I would say this should be stickied but we all know no one reads those so just keep this bumped ya'll!

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    While well intentioned, these types of posts never really end well : /

    Closing this.

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