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    I enjoyed the music video because it actually let me see the story that was only available for the legendary chain. It was a good story, too bad we all couldn't at least experience the story points. Same thing with the Rogue Legendary. Seems like they had a cool character, but I know nothing about him through in-game stories.

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    Seeing as how companion pets will be account wide now, it's possible to get every single pet in one Children's Week if you have a few alts

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    :O Dat warrior set on a fat male panda

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    Everytime I see that mage set I facedesk over how terrible it is.

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    Anyone else think the glowing thing in the mage hat looks like a Cylon eye light thing?

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    I.. I'm so sorry, Mages.

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    Within the contents of Pandaria, the mage set sort of fits. Outside of Pandaria its pretty bad.

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    roflmao at the mage set.. that's what you get for awesome t11 i guess

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    I love the mage set - looks amazing!

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    that mage set looks awesome.
    upside down lens of truth on the belt, what´s there not to love

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    Great vid nana i love that voice!

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    woah those challenge mode sets are looking completely badass :OOOO

    those are my favorite sets of the whole game right now, nice job there blizzard!

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    warrior challenger set = dk t10 with different head and shoulders?

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    Mage set= Hogwarts goes thrift shopping

    yay for transmog

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    Dont know why but that Warrior set makes me think of Super Ghouls and Ghosts on the Megadrive/SNES.

    Anyways the mage set is cool but im feeling a final fantasy vibe from it again? Ah well one last idea i think the Warlocks horns should billow smoke or fel flames or something dont you think.

    That musical song grinds on your ears abit lol its like a bad song with no chorus that keeps on going....

    "I want ma baby back baby back baby back,i want ma baby back baby back baby back" "WHEN DO THEY SAY RIBS!?" "NEVAHHHHH!!!" "I want ma......"

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    I hope they actually start using the 3 colors in-game. Always we see 3 colors but just 2 are actually available.

    The warrior set look badass, the warlock is OK and the mage one is just silly, it looks like a vendor from some fantasy festival.

    And man I hate this "huge belt" design style that Blizzard started at WotLK... the mage one looks like a fanny pack.. ahhrg

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    Does the mage tier have the same goofy hat? I have not been able to find the tier14 mage set images.

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    That armor (specially the head/shoulders) should have a set-bonus. -2% can they move good with it?

    And if you ask me, then Blizzard should create some kind of application to let the players contest about gear-looks. Would save Blizzard alot work (and they get it for "free (well, some price like 1 year free subscription to WoW or something x11 classes, and a title for the one that win, like "Designer CharName")").

    And there would probably be alot nicer looks on gear. For all classes.
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    The giant codpiece on the mage set seems unnecessary. However, that hat would work really well with some other sets for T-mogging...

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    That legendary video needs to end with, "and then the next day the staff was nerfed and na-na felt like quitting the game" as that's what happened to me. Got my staff, it was nerfed in time for the next raid lock out. Awesome video though.

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