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    Who was the pothead who designed the mage set? Fire that hippie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zokten View Post
    Everytime I see that mage set I facedesk over how terrible it is.
    Crazy, I love the mage set!! I love the warrior one even more though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aryiez View Post
    Mage set= Hogwarts goes thrift shopping

    yay for transmog
    ...It's a challenge set.

    It has NO stats.

    It was MADE for transmog.

    You won't even run into it unless you go after it. x_X
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    It would be nice if they fixed crashing problems most ppl are having.

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    The Na-na video is great, but shows how ridiculous the farm elements of the legendary questlines really are from a lore perspective.

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    Awsome video indeed! very well done work!

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    some awesome looking huge shoulder and belt sets.. again, for umpteenth time. Are people really satisfied with the inferior armor models in this game still? The leg armor still looks like spandwx on a newwer model, the hand armor is STILL the same model with a different texture. FFS already. look at the other mmos out and coming out. this is the death knell of WOW. MOP. its was a fun 6yrs but nows the time to find something new. if people don't branch out nothing will ever get the chance to become as good ( on the development side) as wow has become.

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