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    Guild Wars sliding feet (feet not "synced" to the ground) animation problem

    In Guild Wars 1 this effect was horrible. It was like sliding on ice. In Guild Wars 2 Beta the effect is still there but less prominent.
    If you compare it with WoW you will notice that this problem can be fixed. Have Arenanet developers ever said that they want to fix that problem?

    Here a comparison video I did.

    and one on a flat road to show the uphill situation is not the reason
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    i just wish all mmos got the wow movement, it makes it so much smoother

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    Before joining the beta, watching all the videos on the internet, i had exactly this problem with the game. Vital the user here on mmo champ, made a thread about these sliding animations, and for some reason ppl kept denying that they couldn't feel it, but i can, and the videos here proofs it, its not a huge problem, but its turns me off, and i hope they fix it.
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    People who say they can't feel it are delusional. It isn't the biggest deal ever, but denying it only makes the problem worse. If people would just admit that their GW2 isn't perfect then the developers would be more apt to fix it.
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    tried beta last night (friends account) turned off + deleted gw2 after this shit movement

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    It's not the character gliding, it's the camera from what I see.

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    O.o I didn't even notice until I was looking for it. Hopefully I don't notice it all the time now. =/

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    its quite simple to fix actually, if u see with the wow turning, the legs come back together as you turn, rather then just turning the actualy model with its current animation playing to the new direction.

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    I can honestly say until you reminded me of it just now in my 10+ hours of playing over the past 3 days i havent noticed this at all and it hasnt effected my gameplay. I did hear about this "issue" before, Simon and Lewis did a good job of showing it, but ive been playing alot of the game over the past three days and like i said i havent felt or seen this at all.

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    Eww, that's a major turn off and shouldn't be present in a game of this size. Hope it gets fixed before retail.

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    There's already a thread discussing this topic. Please keep the discussion there.


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