Our guild <Recovering Alotholics> has recently transferred to Bleeding Hollow in search of competent raiders to complement our core group. Our previous guild name was <Altoholics Anonymous>, which resided on Bloodhoof. Two of our core group members could not make the move over and we are looking to fill the ranks and also have additional players to rotate for fights where having a more melee or ranged heavy comp will be preferred.
Below is the information about who we were/are and our current progression:

Altoholics Anonymous on Bloodhoof was formed late in the WOTLK expansion in anticipation of 10-man raiding in Cataclysm. In our first night of attempts we got Bloodhoof’s server-third Heroic Lich King (10 man) kill. We became Bloodhoof's premier 2-night/week progression guild.

We keep our raiding schedule fairly light, yet still maintain a high level of progression. We raid two nights a week - Wednesdays and Sundays from 8:30PM - 1:00 AM server time.

We are currently 7/8 heroic and should be completing our final heroic kill in Dragon Soul soon. We have also completed 7/7 heroic (3/7 pre-nerf) in Firelands, 6/13 heroic and 12/12 normal mode for BWD/BOT/Conclave (all pre-4.2). Due to recent member disappearance, we currently have openings in our core. Preference would be given to the following classes, though all are encouraged to apply:

Tanks with viable DPS OS: All tanks will be considered (/nudge warrior)
Ranged DPS: Shadow Priest/Warlock
Healers with possible DPS OS: Paladin

Note: A raid-viable off-spec is always viewed as huge asset. We run with a small core of raiders to minimize time on the bench, so having flexibility within our core raid team is very beneficial.

Important: We are progressing into Dragon Soul Heroics right now, with the final boss close to completion but we need dedicated core players to fill spots. As such, we are looking for someone who can step right into progression with us. That doesn't mean you have to be decked out in heroic gear, but we are looking for someone with at experience in Dragon Soul content (heroic experience is a plus) and sufficiently geared to hold their own. Since we have been farming heroics, along with doing our progression for heroics, gear will come with time as well. We need players that research their class and know their mechanics, while not standing in fire.

We are also recruiting backups or people to possibly help fill out a second/alt raid group.
As far as expectations go, we fully expect all members to show up on time, ready to raid. We don't raid often so we like to make the most of the time we do have. All consumables are supplied by the guild. We utilize our forums during the time we are not raiding, which optimizes our time in the raid. Someone that would frequent the forums often, and contribute, is a huge plus.

The two most important things are knowing your class inside and out while still being fun to be around. We have an interesting dichotomy between having very high expectations of people while not wanting to be @$$es while we raid (we'd probably be one of those 4-5 night/week guilds otherwise). We want players who can perform near the limits of their class and are always looking for ways to push that limit, but who can also joke around while raiding. If you are the super serious type who cannot take a joke, this probably isn't the place for you. Likewise, if you cannot take constructive criticism, you need not apply. We want to be great raiders and have fun while doing so.

If you are interested in applying, please talk to Shockurphace or Vesooveeus in game, or drop by our forums: http://altoholics.wowstead.com/

Current Progression info:
-Dragon Soul: 7/8 heroic, 8/8 Regular

Previous Progression info from Bloodhoof:
-Firelands: 7/7 heroic (3/7 pre-nerf), 7/7 Regular (#1 Horde 10m, server #3 overall)
-Tier 11: 6/13 Heroic (pre-4.2), 12/12 Regular (#1 Horde 10m, server #7 overall)
-ICC: 12/12H (#2 Horde HLK10m, 3rd server)