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    < Fabulous> Horde Boulderfist 8/8H 10% nerf Lf Disc Priest

    <Fabulous> 8/8H 10man guild

    We are a newly reformed, serious raid guild with our current focus on recruiting a raid team capable of respectable world ranks while maintaining a fairly relaxed schedule. we have players with experience as high as top 10 in the world and others with top 200 and lower. After rebuilding a solid raid team through this tier our goals into MoP is to achieve much more respectable rank along the lines of a 200 World rank.

    Current raid times:
    Monday- 8-11 PST
    Tuesday- 8-11 PST
    Wednesday- 8-11 PST
    Thursday- (rare but occasional raid if we feel necessary) 8-11 PST
    Friday - OFF
    Saturday - OFF
    Sunday - OFF
    *These Raid times will start one hours earlier (7PST) and Thursday raids will be a bit more common once MoP comes out*

    We currently have one spot open:
    Caster DPS - Warlock/Shadow Priest
    Healer- Disc/Holy Priest (obviously have enough spec awareness to know when one spec is favored by a fight)
    Must have parses to back up your playWe are currently looking at ALL classes and roles though some spots are much more competitive then others.

    Your main reason for raiding should be to kill bosses as fast as possible no exceptions!

    Applicants are expected to not only know their class without question along but have extensive research on upcoming fights to give themselves the capabilities to contribute to strategies and speed up progression.

    Applicants (with the exception of tank though, it wouldn't hurt) absolutely must provide logs of their role.

    If you have any questions or are interested in recruitment contact Berìct (ì is alt-141), Dentado, or Sentessa, or Rakkathrakka about recruitment.
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    Sorry we cant take you. You Ilvl is to low for this current raiding tier. DENIED

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