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    I'd totally do it. Life is cheap in Azeroth, and if you are an adventurer you'd be quite rich.

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    It's definitely a cool thought, I would do it so long as the relationships I have in real life would transfer over to Azeroth. Fighting alongside my best friends and getting drunk in Booty Bay would be a good time.

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    No I couldn't. I'm a gamer and sit at home playing online gaming with energy drinks when I'm not working. I talk to my friends on skype and only go out sometimes on friday. Me appearing on azeroth without a pc to play wow on and super noodles would mean I'd slowly die of boredom. Also I'm diabetic, so unless goblins figure out how to suck insulin from a sheep I'd be dead within 2 days.

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    Having to do the equivalent of raiding? Hell no.

    If I was just to be put in the actual world (not the game representation, a realistic version of Azeroth), as my character with all his assets and abilities and no obligation to raid... HELL YES.

    Food is cheap, would never have to worry about that. Housing is probably cheap, and if it's not I can make my own home wherever the hell I want (cough, Nagrand, cough), and to have all the abilities of a shaman... including healing, slinging around lightning and lava, running around as a wolf.... as well as all my stuff... which would let me ride around on Dragons, flaming birds (without getting hurt), and various other assorted creatures without fear of harm.... I'd never get bored, and could probably take the place over quite easily. In game azeroth, a hundred arrows in a named character wont put a scratch on him/her... in a realistic Azeroth, a single lightning bolt means a dead person.

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    Never. Life on Azeroth is basicly the same as on Earth. You get through the same sufferings, diseases, and death as on Earth. However, Azeroth is threatened by demons, old gods, crazed dragons, possessed mages, chaotic elemental lords, undead kings with a plague of undeath, and so on. I prefer Earth where our worst enemy is ourselves (i.e. other human beings). It's much easier to manage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadraline View Post
    No thank you lol. I will stay on earth I don't think I am cut out to live in azeroth...too many trolls in the cap cities to deal with. :P
    And there aren't trolls in Washington DC?
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