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    Vashj'ir, short and sweet. Have only done it on my druid. Pre Cata, Desolace due to the sheer ugliness.

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    Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

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    I hear alot of ppl say Vash'jir but I honestly didn't mind the place. I would say Deepholm I don't like alot because of having to go there for the shoulder enchant on my alts, and Netherstorm it just seemed to alien or sci fi like it didn't fit in wow. OP should make this into a poll.

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    Silithus was just downright terrible. No zone in the history of WoW, not even old Desolace, compares to the agony that is trying to accomplish something in Silithus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orodoth View Post
    Shadowmoon Valley.. that place makes me all cause its so gloomy... and the terrain fog is black, which makes it even worse. And, as much as I don't like to admit it, the floating island full of crystals (can't remember the name) has some of the most eerie music in the game. I dun lik it!

    That and theres something about the giant green meteors raining down in the distance that makes me say "where are they falling to?" Infernals maybe?
    Iloved SMV one of my fav places in BC. I don't like shiny sparkly places.

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    Zul'drak, troll lore /puke

    in Vanilla it felt like we had 50 troll quests every other zone, a whole zone dedicated to them was just a bit too much.

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    Desolace is awful. Blade's Edge is like a completely copy-paste zone.

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    I hated Azshara, but they fixed that and I now dislike Durotar. Shocking I know its just seems very plain and shows Wow age in it, Orgrimmar & Darkspear Isle prbly the only nice parts of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozen Death Knight View Post
    Hellfire is infamous because it was plain boring for a lot of people and is still a pain in the ass to go through when leveling (as well as the rest of Outland). Also, the monotone feel throughout the zone and the catastrophic launch day where every single lvl 60 flooded the zone made it a part of the list.

    Also, the zones in Northrend were awesome, but Icecrown was by far the least fun zone to be in, and that was the one made for max level characters in mind.
    Hmm I loved icecrown and the whole place was a blast at max lvl in LK, and still one of my fav zones. I love dead stuff and snow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowey View Post
    Zul'drak, troll lore /puke

    in Vanilla it felt like we had 50 troll quests every other zone, a whole zone dedicated to them was just a bit too much.
    I feel this way about nelfs and belfs lol. So sick of frickin elves!

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    Probably Darkshore for me, both pre and post cata. It feels too big and just has a really gloomy feel to it.

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    Zul'Drak, Old Desolace & Old Stonetalon Mountains. Fuck those harpies.

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    I used to like the old Silithus.

    The twilight camps, getting the twilight sets to summon the mobs, the elemental invasion every few days, the packages of random crap mailed to you after the repeatable hand in, the rares scattered about the place, the lore via the Scarab chain (the red crystal especially), the elite patrols, etc. The problem with Silithus as a questing zone was that almost every single quest was a grind, but this wasn't unique to that zone by any means.
    Dragonslayer Hoddie - pretending to know what I'm doing!

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    Silithus is just unpleasant to look at, to quest in Ive always hated that place and avoid it entirely. Well except to farm those one air mats for the low lvl agility enchant.

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    Durotar, Far too orange...

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    Quote Originally Posted by elmowaki View Post
    Hinterlands.. so boring
    Quote Originally Posted by Aloodanis View Post
    Damn casuals and their vending machines. Back in my day, We had to go all the way from Orgrimmar to Desolace to pick up chips from the store. we had to do an extensive attunement quest to get into the store and we had to assemble 39 other people to fight the many other trash mobs, i mean trash food, to get to the chip isle. Oh and most of us couldn't even afford our epic car mount to drive there, we had to settle for our 60% bike mounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by megrim View Post
    Blades Edge, it's visually pleasing, but horrid to level in.
    I disagree. Plenty of quests.

    I dislike the Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes area's quests.

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    Zul'drak is horrible :/

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    desolace, pre cata by far

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    I kinda love and hate this zone at the same time. Of course I'm talking about Stranglethorn Vale. Awesome place, nice quests, but try doing it pre cata, with the 40lv requirement for mounts. All this walking from the top to Booty Bay was a nightmare.

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