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    How did you feel about the personal story?

    This is something that I've been thinking about for a while.

    I don't think I quite like it. I feel that playing an MMO should be about social interaction. It's a multiplayer game, having a personal story seems rather unfitting. I understand that GW2 is a separate game from GW, but I really miss the co-op storyline adventure. It was lengthy, challenging, progressing, and was an absolute blast to play with a group of nice players. From what I've played and seen, this new storyline feature does not promote cooperativeness at all. You cannot progress your character through another player's storyline, you don't even get the rewards as a party member. It's built to simply help out a friend once in a while.

    And wasn't the goal of a personal storyline to give choices? When I do get the rare chance to make a choice, they are rather meaningless.

    In GW2's defense, I have only played so much of the personal storyline. But from first impressions and the 1-15 storyline, I am not enjoying it all too much.

    I hope that maybe this will be the general conscious and that future expansions will be much more cooperative than single-player.

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    I enjoyed it.

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    I don't really like the fact that it turns the game into a single player game, but they were still fun. It would be a lot better if you automatically got paired with others who were doing the same part of the story and you did it together, unless there was nobody to be paired with, in which case you'd go alone.

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    Didn't get far in it because the broken overflow server system made it a huge pain to do with more than one person

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    I enjoyed it a lot actually, one of the things about the game I enjoyed the most and well, it's called Personal Story, not "Yours and a Couple of Friends Story" so I got what I expected from it. There's plenty of other features of the game that promotes co-op though.

    About the choice thing (spoiler?), I remember at the end of my Charr personal story I had to make the choice to either kill my father or set him free, that's... quite a big choice in my opinion. There was some other choices as well leading up to that, I'm not sure how they affect the story though as the only way you'd find out is if you made the exact same character with the exact same character choices then made a variety of different PS choices, and who had time to do that when there was so much more to do :P

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    Seems okay. The social interaction part should be aimed toward the dynamic events and those quests with the hearts. I like those. Randomly encountering an event, some huge monster, and like 20 people fighting it at once. Very cool.

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    I felt oddly detached from the story, which is odd, as GW1 never did that. It felt as if I wasn't a part of it at all, but maybe it fleshes out a bit better after the "demo" story.
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    I did not like the human story at all. I stopped after like 4 "quests" into it. Didn't like the characters, didn't care about the characters, it was kind of cramped (I was a human noble), and I just felt like it was in the way of the rest of the game.

    I hear Charr was waaay better though, and I'm really really looking forward to the Asura one.
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    I mostly ignored it and loved having the option to do just that. I've had my fill of "story" lately.
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    It was very difficult (Blood Legion Charr) and I enjoyed it. It started to become varied too, where I had my utility skills replaced with snipe commands and tactical mortar flairs.

    Reeva is awesome, I love Reeva and Elexus and Soure are interesting personalities.

    Strangely enough, the most forgettable character was me. Maybe it's because I knew the character would be wiped, but I'm sure I'll make the same story choices on release; I've grown attached to my Warband.

    I didn't do much of the human or norn stories. I hope at some point I get to off Lord Faron, the wine drinking prick.
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    The whole game is about social interaction. It's nice to have something extra that you can do on your own. I didn't do it in the beta because I didn't want to spoil it but I'm sure I'll complete it in the full game.

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    I enjoyed the personal story as my own. However you can bring others in with you if you prefer so it can still be multiplayer. I saw that they also improved the later personal story by adding more options and making it more difficult.

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    Closing this as there's already a thread discussing this.


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