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    Arcane barrage or not to arcane barrage


    I'm in a casual guild and we're currently working on Ultraxion Heroic (yes... still). I was wondering if using arcane barrage is a dps loss or not. I used to use it, but I noticed I can hit the heroic will button and return to casting arcane blast without losing my stack when I come out of twilight. So.. is it worth casting an arcane barrage to lose 2 or more stacks of ablast ?

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    On that fight I would say it depends on how your mana pool is looking, if you are out pacing your mana CD's then clip the stack, if you are doing fine with mana then I would never hit AB.

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    When I'm in a burnphase, I keep on burning after the fading light and don't drop the 4 stacks. I'm just wondering if it's a dps win or loss to do the same when in conserving mode (5x AB + AM).

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