We are currently 6/8h Dragon Soul.
We are looking for all classes for Mists of Pandaria raiding.
We run 2 10man groups. Both groups raid three nights a week from 8-11 EST.

We are intent on pushing progression more for MoP. We have a fun raiding environment where we openly discuss strategies and ways to improve. There is no yelling or crying.

All we expect from people wishing to raid is commitment. That entails a few things:
  • Attendance
  • Knowing your class
  • Continually trying to improve
  • Knowing the fights and all relevant strategies

Our raiders need to be flexible and willing to help in whatever way is needed for the current challenge. That may mean changing your spec or talents to fit a particular encounter, being asked to call aspects of a fight that you have a good vantage point for, or being put on special duties such as kiting or interupts and performing them well.

If you are interested, please contact Bellows, Thefates, Staghoff, or Durgar in game or take a look at our website internetdragonslayers.wowstead.com and apply.

Thanks for your consideration!