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    Which is best for Ret?

    Whats best for ret? Axe of Tauren Chieftains, Skullstealer Greataxe or Zoid's Firelit Greatsword? 378 version of the second 2.

    Isnt 10% of infinite still infinite?

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    I would think.....
    Sword for Humans (might only apply to heroic)
    Axe if you're starving for stats (Hit+Exp)
    Skullstealer if not human, and good on Hit+Exp

    The Axe is probably better because it gives you more wiggle room with reforges.
    Using Wowhead comparison heres what you get with default weights -> http://www.wowhead.com/compare?items...12:8:7:6:5:5:4

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    cool, thanks
    Isnt 10% of infinite still infinite?

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