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    [H]25 6/16H Odyssey Mug'Thol 3 Night/week LF Raiders

    Odyssey is a PvE oriented guild located on Mug’thol(PvP) which has had continued success with raiding throughout BC/WotLK andCataclysm. We are currently seeking seasoned raiders to continue our heroic progression through the Mysts of Pandaria. We are a guild made up of a close knit group of raiders, and always welcome new ranks to join us. The majority of our raiders maintain 90-100% raid attendance, so we expect nothing less from new recruits. Obviously work/school/rl might be a hindrance to this, so we would be willing to talk to people on an individual basis.

    5.0 Progression: 6/16 on 25 Man Heroic Mode

    4.3 Progression: 8/8 on 25 Man Heroic Mode
    4.2 Progression: 7/7 on 25 Man Heroic Mode
    4.1 Progression: 13/13 on 25 Man Heroic Mode

    Past Progression:
    We have cleared all raid content available to us since our origin in the Burning Crusade. We strive to stay a competitive guild, while only raiding 3 nights per week.

    Muru - US 48 pre nerf
    ToGC Insanity - US 49 Grand Crusader
    H LK10 - US 66
    H LK25 - US 97
    H Al'Akir - US 70
    H Ragnaros - US 56
    H Madness - US 64

    Requirements expected of new raiders:
    - Close to 100% attendance if unable to attend, some sort of notification is required (text/post/ingame)
    - Motivation to show up to new fights prepared for the encounter. Pots/Consumables and having read strats and videos as available.
    - Dedication to show up prepared and stay focused through raid without the need to waste everyone’s time with random afk breaks.
    - Ability to perform well for you class while still being aware of your surroundings.
    - Gear which is suitable for competitive raiding.

    Raid Schedule:
    Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 7-11 PM CST
    Raids generally end promptly at 11, but on rare occasions we will run up to 30 minutes late depending on the circumstances.

    We are currently looking for the following classes:

    1 Holy Paladin
    1 Rogue
    1 DPS Warrior
    1 Enhancement Shaman
    1 Hunter

    1 Shadow Priest
    1 Warlock

    We welcome all kinds of applications regardless of our current needs. All applications are reviewed diligently by officers, so even if your class isn’t listed, we welcome any qualified app.

    If you feel that this is something you would be interested in, please post an application at http://odyssey.dkpsystem.com and feel free to address any questions/issues with Superficial, Mjo, or Kyne on the Mug’thol server.

    Additionally you can use realid if you want to ask a few questions.
    realid: [email protected]

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    I ate so much food over the holiday...

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    Let's kill something new this week... something without shields to break.

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    I used to like Wendy's.

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    Killed dat Wind Lord. Heroic Will of the Emperor is pretty exciting...

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    Will of the Emperor down, 8/16H.

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    It's CRUSH time

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    Byeeebyeee Garalon. 9/16H

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    Need people to continue pushing through Heart of Fear and Terrence of the Endless Phillip.

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    Well we've got 2 days to finish this content before the world ends. Here goes nothin'.

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    9/16 for a while now...

    recruiting classes on odyssey.dkpsystem.com, even if your class is not there, we are recruiting exceptional applications.

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    Merry Christmas. Perhaps Santa will bring us some new recruits this year?

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    Heroic Ambershaper Un'Sok down!


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    Soon to be 12/16HM
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    Actually making a new thread with updated title.

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